215:The Freshest Kids
25 ta Life
2 Chains German trance
2 Chainz US rapper
2 Cities
2Face bay area rapper
2Face Idibia
2Faces canadian hip hop
2 Shoes






7000 Dying Rats
75 öre Hanna Stenlund Monthan, Cello, and Ivan Monthan, Nyckelharpa
7bit Hero
7 Day Weekend
7 G.E.M.S. Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi
7 pieauguši vīrieši
7 Seconds US punk band
7 Sins German pop group
7th Movement
7 Year Bitch





Adam Ezra
Adam Ezra Group
A Death Among Heroes US hardcore punk band
Adele UK soul/jazz singer
Adele melodic hardcore band
Adèle French artist
Adele Addison American soprano
Adèle Alexandre-Depecker
Adèle Anderson from Fascinating Aïda
Adele Anthony
Adele Armin
Adele Astaire
Adele Bertei
Adele Bethel
Adèle Bloemendaal
Adele Girard
Adele Givens
Adele Holness
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Adele Leigh
Adèle Maria Hameetman
Adele Nozedar
Adele Pickvance
Adele Pierre
Adèle Plumas
Adele Sebastian
Adele Stolte
Adele Tyler
A Drop in the Gray
A Fabulosa Orquestra De Rock'n'Roll
Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5
Afrika & The Zulu Kings
After the Fire
Age Of Pain
Agitation Free
Agnes Chan
Ahmed Chouraqui
AJ Malaysian bass player, in Pop Shuvit
AJ guest vocals
AJ drum & bass producer
AJ Puerto Rican reggaeton
AJ US Southern rap producer
AJ UK female singer/songwriter
A.J. Barratt
A.J. Kwame
A.J. McLean from the Backstreet Boys
A.J. Melendez
A.J. Nesselrod
A.J. Pesenti & His Orchestra
A.J. Roach
AJ Rok
A.J. Rubino
A.J. Shine
A.J. Walker
AJ Wilhelm
A.K. US rapper Dennis Round, member of rap group Do or Die
Alain Roux
Alan Barnes
Alanis Morissette
Alan Jackson
Alan Moore, Downtown Joe Brown & The Retro Spankees
Alan Thicke
Alan Thorne
Alberto "Superman" Troglio
Albert Salt
Al Chan
Alcohol Funnycar
Alden Tyrell
Alec Head
Alex prison blues singer Clarence Alexander
Alexander Mars
Alexander Romanovsky pianist
Alex Clare
Alex de Grassi and Quique Cruz
Alex Mahoney
Alex Orton-Green
Al Focus
Alice in Chains
Alice’N Chains
Alicia Keys
Ali Howard
A Lion Named Roar
Alison Clarkson
Alison Goldfrapp
Alison Knowles
Alis P
Alistair McIntosh
Alix Lambert and Travis Dickerson
All Day Green
All Downhill From Here
Alley Boys of Abbeville
All Sons & Daughters
Allstar Weekend
Almost Heroes
Almyghty Myghty Pythons
Altar of Pain
Alvaro Lopez & Res-Q Band
Al West
Aly & AJ
Ama Deus Ensemble
Amanda West
Amber Asylum
Amber Pacific
American Monsters
America To Mars
Ames Harris Desert Water Bag Company
AM Radio
Amy Adams & the Hank Sinatras
Amy Bowie
Amy Keys
Anaal Nathrakh
Anaconda 70s Danish rock band
Anaconda 90s German techno group
Anacrusis US progressive/thrash metal band
Anagnoson & Kinton piano duo
Anagrams alternative rock band from Brighton, UK
Ana Hausen
Ana Kefr
Anal German punk band from Marl
Anal Bros
Anal Cunt Grindcore band from the USA
Anal Mucus
Analog groove/hardcore/metal/rock/sludge/stoner rock band from Omaha
Analog Box
Analog Brothers
Ananda & Sphinx
Anand Wilder & Maxwell Kardon
Anarcho Folko
Anat Cohen & The Anzic Orchestra
Ancient Future
And Also The Trees
And Harmony Dies
Andréa Guiot
Andreas Beck
Andreas Bieber
Andreas Bieber and Brian Carmack and Pia Douwes and Maya Hakvoort and DeanWelterlen
André Emelianoff
Andrew J J Hall
Andrew Russell
Andrew West
Andy Anderson & The Rolling Stones
Andy D Presents The Weekend
Andy Knowles
Andy McKee guitarist
Andy McKee Jazz bassist


Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective
Andy Park
Angela Bowie
Angela-Charlott Bieber
Angeles Drake
Angry Hats
Animal Collective
Anime Fire
Anita Ellis, Larry Parks & Marc Platt
Anna Gāgane
Anna Kendrick
Annetta Jackson
Annie Grace & Lynn Morrison
Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets
Antara Choudary
Anthony Blea Y Su Charanga
Anthony Burdin
Anthony Chan
Anthony Clarkson
Anthony & Georgio
Anthony Kelly & David Stalling
Anthony Mingee and Chris Allen
Anthony Pay et al, Academy of St. MITW
Anthony Prince
Anthony Sinatra
Anthony Ventura and his Orchestra
Anthony Wonsey Trio
Anthony Zaro
Anthrax American heavy metal band
Antiquus Scriptum
Antonie Mars
Aogán Lynch concertina player
Ape Attack
A Pilot's Thumb
A Positive Life
Arcade Fire
Archer Park
Area 7 UK trance duo Chris Gould & Ian Wilkie
Argyle Park
Ariana Grande
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Arita Day
Arlan Day
Arlindo Cruz E Carica Sensação
Armando Orefiche Y La Havana
Arne Vinzon
Arnold Drake
A Rocket in Dub
A Rocket Sent to You
A Rocket to the Moon
Arp Attack Electro Pop band from Southampton
Art Adams & The Rhythm Knights
Art Attack
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
Artis Gāga
Art of Fighters
Art of the Fighters
As Cities Burn
Ashes You Leave
Ashford & Simpson
Asia Sielicka i Kasia Murska
Aspera Ad Astra
Assata Shakur
A Tale of Two Cities A Tale of Two Cities UK
Atomic 61
Atomic Opera
Atomic Roar
At Pavilion Austrian pop band
A Tribe Called Quest
Atrocity German gothic/industrial band
Attack italo disco
Attack hatecore
Attack 80s German heavy metal band
Attack '60s psychedelic band [not The Attack]
Attack Techno, released Panik
Attack Swedish 80s pop group
Attack Attack! US band
Attack! Attack! Welsh band
Attack Formation
Attack in Black
Attacking Forces Korean Punk
Attack SS
Attaque 77
Audio Science
Audre Lorde
Austin Mahone
Autobots vs. Prodigy
Automatic synthpoppers Peter Nyborg & Jonas Göransson, were Dead Eyes Open
Automatic Australian Band
Automatic 7
Automatic Baby
Automatic Black
Automatic Buffalo
Automatic Eye
Automatic Loveletter
Automatic Man
Automatic Pilot 80s band from San Francisco
Automatics UK Powerpop band formed in 1977.Now based in USA.
Automatics Spanish indie pop band
Automatic Self Destruct Thrash/Death Metal from Germany
Avenged Sevenfold
Avishai Cohen Trio
Avon Cities Skiffle Group
Avril Brown
Avril & F Com All Stars
Avril Giacobbi
Avril Lavigne
Avril MacKintosh
Avril McIntosh
Avril Watts
Awesome New Republic
Azalea City Penis Club
Azed Azed
Azeda Booth
Azem-Groupe French Raï group
Azeroth Black metal group from Russia
Azeroth Power metal group from Argentina
Azevedo Silva
Aziz Sahmaoui
Azlan and The Typewriter
Azyl P


Babbie Mason
Babel Fish Norwegian pop-rock band
Babel Fishh underground hip hop artist
Babel Fishh, Oskar Ohlson
Baby DC hip hop artist
Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective
Babylon Fighters
Back Door
Back Door Slam
Backstreet Boys
Bad Religion
Badtown Boys
Bad Wizard
Bailey Brothers
Banana Republic
Band of Skulls
Band of the Gordon Highlanders & Pipe Major J. MacLelland
Bando Odeon Com Grande Coro
Bang the Party
Banner of Thugs
Barbara Cohen and Little Lizard
Barbara Keith
Barbara Manson
Barbara Mason
Barbara Park
Barbara Pease Australian self-help author
Barbara Sinatra
Barbarian Pipe Band
Barbar Punk
Barcode Brothers
Barenaked Ladies
Barnes & Barnes
Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts
Barry Black
Barry Harris Trio
Barry Jepson
Barry Mason songwriter/composer
Basement Jaxx
Bas Paardekooper & the Blew Crue
Bass Oasis
Battle of the Future Buddhas Psychedelic trance group from Sweden
Bäuk Blinden
B'avarija ir Veronika Pavilionienė
Beam vs. Cyrus
Beastie Boys
Beatles Chillout
Beatles 'n' Choro
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band
Beck alt rock, multi-instrumentalist Beck Hansen
BECK Fictitious band from anime BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
Becky Russell
Behling & Simpson
Beki Bullet
Beki & The Bullets
Beneath the Frozen Soil
Ben Howard
Ben Keith
Benoit Roux
Ben Taylor Band
Bent Nails
Beowulf: A Rock Operetta
Bernáthy & Sons
Bernie Hayes and the Shouties
Bert Rock
Beth McKee
Beth Orton
Better Than Ezra
Between the Trees
Beyoncé Beyoncé Knowles-Carter
Beyoncé Knowles use "Beyoncé" for artist and performance credits
Bhundu Boys
Big Black US punk/alternative rock band
Big Boys USA punk band
Big Chan
Big D and the Kids Table
Big Foot Wallace & The Moods
Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack
Big Neighbourhood
Big Train
Bill Barnes design/illustration
Bill Doggett & His Combo
Bill Flagg & His Rockabillies
Bill Keith
Bill Pinkney and The Original Drifters
Bill Scott & Rebecca Marshall & Barbara Largen
Bill Shepherd With Hayes Shepherd & Ed Webb
Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs
Billy Beck
Billy Price and The Keystone Rhythm Band
Billy Taylor Quartet
Billy & The Bullets
Billy Wallace and The Bama Drifters
Billy Young
Binary Order
Bingham & Thorne
Bionic Ghost Kids
Birds of Wales
Bizarre Inc. 90s UK dance-pop group
Bizzy Bone
Black Attack European hip-hop group
Black Box Italian house music act from late 80s-early 90s
Black Box Recorder
Black Fighters
Black Flag
Blackfoot American Southern Rock Band
Black Grape
Black Harmony 70s funk/disco group
Black Harmony Dark ambient-black metal band from Kiev, Ukraine
Black Hats
Blackhouse Christian industrial band
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings
Black Kids
Black Legend
Blackmore's Night
Black Oak Arkansas
Black Randy & the Metrosquad
Black Sheep US hip-hop group
Blacktop Harrison
Blanks 77
Blå tåget
Blechgitarr' Vinz
Blind Boys of Mississippi
Blinded by Saturn
Blind Faith
Blind Guardian
Blind Idiot Gods
Blind Justice Dutch metal band
Blind Light
Blind Melon
Blind Passengers
Blind Pigs
Blind Pilots
Blindspott NZ band
Blind Zero
Blood Spanish industrial metal band
Blood Axis
Blood Duster
Blood for Blood
Blood From the Soul
Bloodhound Gang
Bloodline Hardcore punk
Blood on the Tracks
Blood or Whiskey
Blood Pavilion
Blood Red Shoes
Blood Royal
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Blood Type
Blues Brothers blues/soul revivalist band
Bobby Chouinard
Bobby Jones Czech Band
Bobby Keys
Bobby Lloyd & The Windfall Prophets
Bobby Russell
Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers
Bob Jones University Brass Choirs and Ensembles
Bob Keys
Bob Lloyd
Bob Manson
Bob Russell US songwriter/lyricist Sidney Keith "Bob" Russell
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Bob Shurley & The Vel-Tones
Bob Wayne
Boccaccio Life
Boe Focus
Bogus Order
Bojan Z
Bollock Brothers
Bonaventura Rubino
Bone Thugs‐n‐Harmony
Bonnie McKee
Boom Boom y Los Pirexia Kids
Boot Down the Door
Boot Of Fighters
Boots Brown & His Blockbusters
Booze Brothers French celtic punk
Booze Monkey
Borderlands of Harmony
Born to Kick Your Ass
Bossa 70
Bottles and Skulls
Bound for Attack
Bourgeois Tagg
Boy & His Rollin' Kids
Boy Hits Car
Boyz II Men
Bradford Keith
Bradley and McKee
Bradley McIntosh
Brain Police USA punk band
Brain Police USA 1960's band
Brain Police Icelandic stoner rock band
Brain Train
Brass Monkey Brass Band
Braxton Brothers
Brazen Bull
Brendan Croker & the 5 O'Clock Shadows
Brenda Russell
Brian Bieber
Brian Day
Brian Head composer
Brian Mahoney
Brian Mursell bass player
Brian Potter UK television character, played by Peter Kay
Brigad 45 B
Brindley Brothers
Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham
Broken Radio
Brontë Brothers
Brooke Russell
Brother Brown
Brothers 50's rock, Dean & Marc Mathis
Brothers Norwegian 90s pop rock
Brothers Italian trance/dance group
Brothers Keepers
Brown Eyes
Brownsville Station
Bruce Rae Photographer
Bruce Russell
Bruno Downtempo DJ, resident of Café del Mar
Bruno Estonian artist
Bruno Basta!
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mursic
Bruno Wątpliwy
Brutal Attack UK, Political, Patriotic
Bryan Head Drummer
Bryan Keith
Buccleuch and Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
Buddy Phillips & Rockin' Ramblers
Buffalo Madonna
Bugs Henderson
Bugs Henderson and the Shuffle Kings
Bull Brigade
Bull City
Bull Durham Finnish hard rock band
Bull Dyke Rodeo
Bullfight in Mexico
Bullfrog Italian hard rock band
Bullfrog Canadian Dance/Club formation
Bull Moose Jackson & His Buffalo Bearcats
Bully & Die Schlauen
Bunny Skulls
Burden & Bowles & McKee
Burning Pipe Harmony
Burton Brothers Blues Band
Burt Reynolds & Dom DeLuise
Busta Flex
Busta Flex & Comité De Brailleurs
Busta Jones
Bustan Abraham
Busta Ofte
Busta Rhymes
Busta Stamper
bustatunez OverClocked ReMixer
Butch Morris & Jessica Hagedorn
Butterfly Jones
Butterfly Train


Cachorro Grande
Café Tacvba
Calvin Harris
Camel Riders
Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Florida
Cannon's Jug Stompers
Capilla musical y escolanía de Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos & Atrium Musicæ
Capital Cities
Capitol Cities
Captain Matt's Armada Featuring Axel (Where Trevor Writes All the Songs and Does All the Work) Introducing Insatiabelle
Capture the Flag
Carey Head
Carey Kotsionis
Cariboo Hill Temple Songsters
Carlos Alberto González del Rey
Carlos Azevedo Trio
Carl Rafferty
Carlton and The Shoes
Carlton Mahone
Carly Thomas & The Gentle Ladies
Carmen Gray
Carmen Taylor & The Boleros
Carmine Rubino
Carol "Bowie" McLaughlin
Caroline Day
Carollers at the Black Bull
Carter Brothers
Cary Brothers
Casey Mahoney
Casey's Kids
Casio Brothers
Casper German rapper Benjamin Griffey
Casper Chris Payne
Casper de Vries
Casper Hauser
Casper Hjukströms Sextett
Casper & the Cookies
Caterpillar Tracks
Cathy Guetta
Caveman Shoestore
CCC Youth
Cecil Bustamente Campbell
Cecil Taylor Quartet Group name as it appears in the liner notes
Ceili's Muse
Celtic Inspiration
Celtic Ladies
Celtic Pink Floyd
Certain General
Cesar Lopez y Habana Ensemble
Cha Cha Cohen
Chains Of Love
Chamber Pipes & Flute
Champs Brazilian boy group
Chan Spanish hip-hop
Chan Chamba
Channel 5
Chan Romero
Charlene Keys
Charles Anthony Derringer
Charles Daniels
Charles Manson
Charlie Brown & His Cisco Kids
Charlie Brown Jr. Brazilian band
Charlie Chan
Charlie Daniels
Charlie Drake
Charlie J. Phillips & The Country Kings
Charlie Rafferty
Charly & Lulu
Chasing Elvis
Chasing Gray
Chazam & Perry & Arrebatado
Cheese Police
Cherish the Ladies
Cher Lloyd
Cheryl Howard
Cheryl Rae
Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers
Chigreton Thugs
Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers
Chloe Day
Choir of Clare College, Cambridge
Chooch Kennedy & The Construction Zone
Chor und Musikkorps der 1. Gebirgsdivision Garmisch Partenkirchen
Chris Auerbach-Brown
Chris Brown guitarist, related to Soultry Sound
Chris Brown SF Bay Area indie filmmaker & power pop singer-songwriter
Chris Brown member of UK band "Life at the Pines"
Chris Brown US dance/R&B singer
Chris Brown Boston based rock musician
Chris Brown engineer
Chris Brown Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
Chris Brown production music composer
Chris Brown jazz drummer
Chris Brown keyboard player with The Streets
Chris Brown UK happy hardcore/trance producer, member of Ruff Driverz
Chris Brown experimental composer and musician at Mills College, Oakland CA
Chris Daniels & The Kings
Chris Focus
Chris Harris & Dom Martin
Chris Harris & The Soul Agents
Chris Haywood Brown
Chris Head
Chris Knowles
Chris Mars
Chris Mason
Chris Potter UK Producer/engineer
Chris Potter jazz saxophonist
Chris Rae
Chris Rock
Chris Salt
Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants
Christian Beck choir vocals
Christine Bowie
Christine Busta Austrian poet
Christophe Guiot
Christopher Drake
Chris Wallace Lead vocalist from The White Tie Affair
Chronic Future
Chubby Jackson and his Orchestra
Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers
Chuck Lenihan
Church Police
Circle of Pain
Cities in Dust
Cities of Sleep
Claire Lynch & The Front Porch String Band
Clan Campbell Pipe Band
Clare Bowditch and The Feeding Set
Clare Fader & The Vaudevillains
Claremont Trio
Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers
Clarence Foster & the Internal Revenue Service funk/soul group
Clarence Howard & The Renegades
Clarence 'Pine Top' Smith
Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers
Clarence Williams and His Orchestra
Clarence Williams and His Washboard Band
Clarence Williams' Blue Five
Clarence Williams' Blue Seven
Clarence Williams' Hot Five
Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings
Clarence Williams' Jug Band
Clarence Williams' Washboard Five
Clare & The Reasons
Claudette Avril
Claude Young
Claudia Phillips & The Kicks
Clemens Bieber
Cliff Morrison & The Lizard Sun Band
Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers
Cliff Richard
Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Close II You
Clutch Italian eurohouse project
Clutch US rock band
Clutch hip-hop artist
Clutching At Straws
Clutch Mountain Boys
Clutch Player
Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin
Coach Z
Coastal Cities High Wycombe, Bucks, UK
Cobra Skulls
Cobra Starship
Cody Simpson
Coffin Nails
Cohen & Robinson
Cold Automatic Eyes
Cold Blood
Cold Fire UK electronic artist duo
Cold War Kids
Colin Potter
Collapsing Cities
Collective Soul
Collins Brothers, The Pride of Kentucky
Colt 45 British Punk Band
Colt 45 “Colt 45 (3)” on Discogs
Commodores US funk/soul band with Lionel Richie
Common Rider
Compulsive Gamblers
Coney Island Kids
Confused 5
Connie Price & The Keystones
Conrad Beck
Consciência DMC
Constantia Brothers
Control Alt Deus
Control DC
Coope Boyes & Simpson
Copa 5
Core Wizard and Dark Master
Corinne Bailey Rae
Corinne Day
Corn Doggy Dog & the 1/2 lb.
Cornell West
Cornel West
Cosmic Rough Riders
Cowboy Junkies
Cracked Cop Skulls
Craig Potter
Craig Pruess
Crash Kelly
Crazy Dogggs
Crazy Mars
Crazy P formerly Crazy Penis
Cretin 77
Crimson Flag
Crimson Stained Nails
Cristina Buarque e Terreiro Grande
Crook Brothers String Band
Crucial Youth
Cruel Czech progressive metal band
Cruel adicción
Cruel April
Cruel Barbarian Czech power/speed metal band
Cruel, Cruel Moon
Cruel Culture & Cut
Cruel Folk
Crue-L Grand Orchestra
Cruel Harvest
Cruella de Ville
Cruel Lyes
Cruelty Division
Cruelty Free
Cruenta Venganza
Crushed Skulls
Cruzeiro Do Sul
Cruz guardián
Cry of Pain Alternativ Band Germany
Crystal Fighters
Crystal in the Pink
Crystal Method vs. Prodigy
Crystal Skulls
Crystal Timberlake
Ctrl Z
Cuộc Sốngs
Cupid's Inspiration
Curley Russell
Curtis Potter
Cutmaster D.C.
Cut ’n’ Move
Cyborg Attack
Cycle of Pain
Cymbal Rush
Cypher 7
Cyrus Techno artists Mark Ernestus & Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel)
Cyrus Alternative Rock band from Ohio
Cyrus Chestnut Trio
Cyrus Dance German Band


Daara J
Da Cruz
Daddy Yankee
Daft Punk
Daisy Door
Dale Potter
Dalitso Dalisto Sajiwandani
Dallas String Band
Damian Russell
Damien Thorne
Damien Top
Damien Youth
Damned Pilots
Damn Yankees
Dan Ezra Lang
Danger Radio
Dan Head
Daniel Beck Probably U.S. Mormon Singer
Daniel Boys
Daniel Roux
Daniels Production music composer
Daniel Taylor & Theatre of Early Music Taylor is founder and Director of TEM
Dan Kelly and The Alpha Males
Danko Jones the band
Danny Day
Danny Rock
Dappled Cities New name of Dappled Cities Fly
Da Prodigal US-based Christian MC
Darcy Perry Band
Daree Rock
Daria Nile Trio
Darick Campbell, Phillip Campbell & Curley Taylor
Dark Funeral
Darol Anger's Republic of Strings
Darrell Glenn & His Rhythm Riders
Darren Rock
Darryl James / David Anthony Project
Darwin's Radio
Dashiell Rae
Dave Clarkson
Dave Day
Dave Douglas & Keystone
Dave Knowles
Dave Mason co-founder of Traffic
Dave Math Shoes Fictional alias for Mother Goosr Rocks! performers
Dave Phillips & The Hot Rod Gang
Dave Russell sound engineer, has worked with Underdog Entertainment
David Bowie
David Bowie & The Lower Third
David Bustamante
David Daniels American countertenor
David Drake SF author
David Guetta
David Jones Barbara Tanzini and Luca Ontino
David Keith
David Kendrick
David Kendricks
David Knowles
David Ligare
David Nadien
David Peaston
David Prodygee
David Thomas and Two Pale Boys
David Z.
Davy Chan
Davy Knowles Isle of Man born Blues guitarist
Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam
Dax Riders
Day Thai rapper
D.C. Benny Comedian
DC Breaks
D.C. Cooper
DC Deepressed
DC Fallout
DC Morf
DC Playboys
dc Talk
Dead Brothers
Dead Elvis
Dead End Kids USA punk band
Dead Man's Fun
Dead Only Better
Deadstring Brothers
De Antennes
Dean West
De Artsen
Death Ride 69
De biecht
De Breedbekkikkers
De Dannan
De De Lind
De De Pierce
Deekline & Wizard
Deep Focus
De Haringvissers
Dej Mahoney
De Kift
De Kuipkanjers
De La Cruz De La Cruz Brothers, DJ & producers
Del Rey
Delta Lady
Del Thorne & Her Trio
Deluge Grander
Delusions of Grandeur US techno duo Ray Ray Laurie & Frankie Bones
Demi Lovato
Demons & Wizards
Dem Rat's
Dennis Lopez Liquid Latin Sound
Dennis Walks
Dennis Young
Denzal Park
De Pioniers
De Profundis Belgian pop/rock group, now called Flexa Lyndo
De Rainaldo's
De Rakkers
De Ratelaars
Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones
De Rodeo's
De Rosa
De Rozetta Ladies
Derringer, Bogert & Appice
Derringer Tribe
Der Rubino-Chor
Desmond Gaynor
De Snevo's
Desoto Jones
De Sprooksprekers
Destroy All Monsters
Det Brune Punktum
dEUS Belgian rock band
Deus NZ designer/illustrator
Deus Ex Machina From Lucerne, Switzerland
Deus Ex Machina greek rock band
Deus ex machina Italian progressive rock band
Deus Inversus
Deus Irae
Deus King
Deus Meus
Deus Pacis
Deus Sex Machina Latvian industrial rock
Deva Chan
Deviate Ladies
Devil Chan
Devil's Train
De Vliegende Panters
Devon Russell
De Wanderer
Dexter Freebish
Dexy Corp_
Dexy Klepacz
Dexys Formerly known as Dexys Midnight Runners
Dexys Midnight Runners
Diana Lorden
Dick Dale and His Del‐Tones
Dick McIntire & His Harmony Hawaiians
Die Inspiration
Die Roten Punkte
Diesel Park West
Die Stereo-Typen
Die Vinzi-Singers
Die Yankees
Digital Elvis & Zero
Digital Punk
Dino Rubino
Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons
Direcția 5
Direction San Francisco band
Directions UK indie/hardcore band
Directions In Groove
Direction X
Direkt Attack
Dirty Keys
Disco Doggies
Disco Punks
Disney Pavilion 1964 World's Fair
Dissolving of Prodigy
Dissolving of Prodigy Czech Republic, Doom/Death Metal
Diva's Harmony
Divine Inspiration
DJ 88 Keys German techno producer Oliver Wischerath
DJ Attack Andy Adams, of Underground Construction Records
DJ Casper released Cha Cha Slide
DJ Chus & Supernova
DJ Copper Top
DJ Day
D.J. Head
DJ Khaled Palestinian-American hip hop DJ & producer
DJ Oasis
DJ Panic UK house duo John Litchfield & Mark Burrows
DJ Pied Piper & The Masters of Ceremonies
Dj Redlight
DJ Sepi & DJ Bull
DJs From Mars
DJ Shakul Slovak hiphop DJ
DJ Simi & Master Keys
DJ Supernova
DJ Tudo e sua gente de todo lugar
DMC German remixer Michael Wildhagen
DMC czech death metal
DMC Rapper Darryl McDaniels
D.M.C. Project
Dobie Gray
Dobré & Sepp Kennedy
Doctor Fun




Earl Johnson & Red Henderson
Earl Taylor and the Stoney Mountain Boys
Earl Young
Earth, Wind & Fire
Easy Peasy
Eat Your Make Up
Ebbie Veasley, Marshall Phillips & Theo Mitchell
Echo Park UK trip-hop duo Spykid & Jon Tye
Eddie and the Tide
Eddie Daniels
Eddie Harris Quartet
Eddie Head
Eddie Henderson Quintet
Eddie Kendricks
Eddie Seacrist & The Rolling Rockets
Eddie Smalling & The Rolling Aces
Edgar Hayes and His Orchestra
Edge of Dawn
Edge of Motion
Edge of Sanity Swedish progressive death metal band
Edge of Thorns
Edge of Time
Edi Ginseng änd the Roots
Edith Day
Edmund Goulding
Edna's Goldfish
Ed Rush
Ed Rush & Nico
Ed Rush & Optical
Ed Sheeran Liverpool, UK. "Songs of Life and Hope"
Ed Sheeran Suffolk-born, London-based singer-songwriter
Edward Harris & The Blue Dots
Edward Howard
Edwin Howard
Eiffel 65
Eiffel Tower
Eighties Ladies
Eire Nua Republican Flute Band
EJay Day
EJ Barnes
Elder Jepson
Electric Lady Lab
Electric Religion
Electric Wizard
Elemeno P New Zealand band
Elemeno P USA Band
Elements of Life Deep House Duo Steven John Craden & Lee Rodriguez
Elephant Ride
Elfin Love Tribe
Elfin Saddle
El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Eli Walks
Ella Henderson
Ellen Knowles Melling
Ellie Goulding
El Rey Carlos Y Su Corte
El Trío de Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez
Elv-Ex and The Little Kings Bob & Tom Affiliated Artist
Elvis Experimental Garage Rock from Austin, Texas, US
Elvis Caligula
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Elvis Costello & The Imposters
Elvis Deluxe
Elvis Duncan and his Santa Claus Orchestra
Elvis Hitler
Elvis Jackson
Elvis McMan
Elvis Perkins in Dearland
Elyssa Mahoney & Lucas Haneman
Emanuel Richard
EMC electro DJ
Emelie Clausen treble
Emeli Jeremias
Emeline Michel
Emeli Sandé
Emergency Door Release Active
Emerson String Quartet
Emil Bulls
Emily Bieber
Eminemmylou Country Rap
Emma Day
Emmanuel Guiot
Emmanuel Top
Endless Praise
Enemy Soil
Energy 52
Engine of Pain
Ensemble de Biskupizna, Grande Pologne
Ensemble de Szamotuly, Grande Pologna
Ensemble de Zbaszyh, Grande Pologne
Ensemble of the Bulgarian Republic
Entire Cities
Erhe P
Eric Bonafos trio & Ben Harrison
Eric & Cruel Culture
Eric Daniels
Erich Romanovsky
Eric Panic
Ernest Hayes / Doc Bagby Quintet
Ernie and the Automatics
Erwan Roux
Erynn Marshall & Chris Coole Canadian old-time duo
Eskimo & Sons
Eternal Gray
Ethel y Los Drakers
Europa String Choir
Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys
Everyday Heroes
Ewen & Megan Henderson
Ewert and The Two Dragons
Excess of Cruelty
Expendable Youth
Explorers of the Nile
Extradition Order
Eyes Up Movement
Ezio Flagello
Ezra of Opus Akoben
Ezra Human beatbox artist
Ezra progressive rock band from South Wales
Ezra Bang DJ and member of Hot Machine
Ezra Furman
Ezra Holbrook
Ezra Howlett Shelton
Ezra Kliger
Ezra Klinger
Ezra Koenig
Ezra Lewis
Ezra Nye
Ezra Oklan
Ezra Olsson
Ezra Pound This is the Poet, Musician & Composer 1885-1972.
Ezra van Nassauw
Ezra Winston


F 451
Fab Beatles
Face the Panic
Faith and the Muse
Faith Taylor & The Sweet Teens
Fallout Boy German drum'n'bass artist
Fallout Boy hardhouse/hard trance DJ Alec Milliner
Fall Walks
Familiar Trees
Famous Hokum Boys Broonzy, Brasswell & Dorsey, 1930
Famous Monsters
Farrah West
Far Too Jones
Fascinating Aïda
Fast Times
Fatai Rolling Dollar
Fausto Luis Javier Piedrahita Gaviria, colombian singer
Fausto Amodei
Fausto Anselmo
Fausto Anzelmo
Fausto Campi & die Leonardos
Fausto Cigliano
Fausto Cleva
Fausto Fawcett & Os Robôs Efêmeros
Fausto Guio
Fausto Leali
Fausto Mesolella
Fausto Messina
Fausto Miño
Fausto Papetti
Fausto Tenzi
Fay Ray
Felt hip hop duo Slug & Murs
Fifth Harmony X Factor USA 2012, formerly 1432
Fighters USA emo band
File With Interpol
Finally Punk
Fireball USA psychedelic rock girl-group
Fireball Ministry
Firecracker Metal, Sweden
Fire & Ice NZ hip hop producers
Firestarter & Mini Roc
Firmine Richard
Five Minute Ride
Flag Slovakia
Flagellation Swedish death metal band
Flagellation danish metal band
Flagellum Dei
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
Flag of Convenience
Flag of Democracy
Flagrant Désir
Flagrants d'Eli
Flamante + Camila López
Flanagan Brothers
Flashlight Brown
Flash Republic
Flashy Python
Fleetwood Hazel
Fleetwood Mac
Flesh for Lulu
Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra
Fletcher Henderson's Collegians
Fletcher Henderson's Happy Six Orchestra
Fletcher Henderson's Roseland Orchestra
Fletcher Henderson & The Dixie Stompers
Floating Maxwells
Flo Rida US rapper Tramar Dillard
Florida Fun
Florida Georgia Line
Florida Inc.
Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra - Central Florida
Florida Philharmonic Orchestra
Florida Room
Florida Sessions
Florida's Singing Sons Boy Choir
Florida State University Marching Chiefs
Flowers of Pain
Flux of Pink Indians
Flux Pavilion
Flying Saucer Attack
Flynnville Train
Fly Pan Am
Focus drum & bass producer Kevin Jekel
Focus Dutch progressive rock group
Focus pop, RnB, hip hop producer/engineer Bernard Edwards Jr.
Focus house/jazz artist Phil Asher
Focus on God
Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre
Fogo Cruzado
Folkes Brothers
Fonda Rae
Fonda Wallace & The Four Pals
Foo Fighters
Fool Dadaz Fire
For Amusement Only
Forest for the Trees
Former Ladies of the Supremes
Förortsungarna & Dogge Doggelito
Fortress Madonna
For Your Ears Only
Foster and Lloyd
Fountains of Wayne
Four Directions 60th Doo Wop group
Four Heroes
Four One and Only's
Four Question Marks French Metal Band
Fox 45
Fox Avril Russian furry artist
Francesca Reynolds de Souza-Bustarret
France Shaku
Frances McKee
Franck Pourcel and His Parisian Strings
Franco Andolfo
François Le Roux
Franco Leon
Frango Sinatra
Fran Harris & The 4 Friends
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush
Frank Meester
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra, Jr.
Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers
Frans de Bruyn & Marsha
Franz Xaver Murschhauser
Freak Nasty
Freda and the Firedogs
Freddie Jackson
Fred Drake
Freddy Cruz y sus Fuerza Latina
Freddy Jackson
Fredericks Goldman Jones
Free 60s/70s UK blues rock group
Free Beer USA skate punk band
Freedom Call
Freedom Fighters
Freedom in Hats
Freefall Alan Bremner, Anthony Pappa
Free Kitten
Freelance Science
Free Like Me
Freestyle Miami electro R&B group
Freestyle Fellowship
Freeway Philharmonic
Frijid Pink
Fuck You I'm Stealing Home
Fuego cruzado
Full of Harmony Japanese pop aka F.O.H.
Fun Italian punk band
Fun 100
Fun 4
Fun Boy Three
Fun Carmen
Fun Cool
Fun Cruiser german eurodance group, released "fun in the sun"
Fundamental Order of Bleufish
Funebre Hungarian black metal
Fun Force
Fun Freaks
Fünf Sterne deluxe
Fun Fun
Funhouse Australian Rock Band
Funhouse US Heavy Metal band
Funhouse UK punk band
Funhouse Japanese noise rock
Funhouse goth'n'roll from Sweden
Fun House
Funker Vogt
Funk Fusion Band
Fun Kids
Funk Sinatra
Funky B & The Kings of Shuffle
Funky Green Dogs
Funky P
Fun Lovin’ Criminals
Fun Searchin'
Fun Side
Funzion, Dilo, Gurtz, Seph
Future 3
Future 86
Future Bible Heroes
Futurebound & Protocol
Future Breeze
Future Cut
Future Engineers
Future Forces Inc.
Future Funk
Future Homosapiens
Future Kings of Spain
Future Primitive Sound
Future Prophecies
Future Prophecy
Futureshock UK techno duo Alex Tepper & Phil Dockerty
Future Shock Dutch jazz fusion band
Future Trance United
Future Type Joint
Future World Orchestra


Gabriel Russell
Gaga Dilo
Gagan Sindhu Punjabi singer
Gagarin Kongress
Gagas Experimental metal band from Slovakia
Galen Drake
Galiana & Silvia Pérez Cruz
Gals Panic
Gamma Ray German speed/power metal band
Gangster Fun USA ska band
Garage Lopez
Garcia Lopez
Garde Républicaine Band
Garment of Praise
Garry West
Gary Beck
Gary Choules
Gary Clarkson New Zealand (?)
Gary Howard
Gaslight Radio
Gaston & Phillips
Gatto Ciliegia contro il Grande Freddo
Gavin Bieber
Gay Black Republican
Gaynor Sadler
G.B. and the Tracks
Gbenga Adelekan
Gear Daddies
Gebirgsmusikkorps Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Ged Day
Gene Day
Gene Harris and the Philip Morris Superband
Gene Harris & The Philip Morris All-Stars
Gene Moss and "The Monsters"
Gene Phillips & His Rhythm Aces
Gentlemen and Their Ladies
Gentle Songs and Slow Ayres
Geoffrey Clarkson
George Barnes
George Bowie
George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars
George Mursell Garrett
George Rock
George Takei, Simon Jones
George Young Australian producer
Georgia Browns
Georgian Legend
Germ Attack
Gerry Rafferty
Gerry & The Pacemakers
Gesangs- und Musicalensemble Songshine Tönchen, Pflaumheim
Geto Boys
Ge Wang and Perry Cook
Ghetto Fighters
Ghost Walks
Gian Marco & Marc Anthony
Gibson Brothers
Gigi Parker and the Lonelies
Gilles Chouard
Gillian Keith
Gil Lopez & Sonny Bravo
Gina Beck
Gin Blossoms
Giovale String Trio
girl next door
Girl Next Door LA based Trip hop group from the early 2000's
Girl Trouble
Gladys US rock/alt-country group
Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band
Glass Tiger
Glenda Rae
Glen Garrison & The Note Kings
Glen Gray & His Orchestra
Glen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra
Glenn Bland & The Rhythm Kings
Glenn Derringer
Gloria Gaynor
Gnommaster Flesk, Pulio, Fupac, Busta Sveis
Goats in Trees
God Bullies
Godfather Oasis
Gods and Monsters
God's Heart Attack
Gods of Mars
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Goja Mars
Gold 90s US gangsta rapper
Gold Chains
Gold Chains & Jillian Iva
Gold Chains & Sue Cie
Golden Smog
Golden Tones of Savannah, GA Late '60s gospel group out of Georgia.
Gomez UK indie rock band
Gomez Brothers
Gomez & Dubois
Goober & The Peas
Goodnight Monsters
Good Parts Only Corporation
Good religion
Good Shoes
Goose Creek Symphony
Gordon Keith
Gordon Thorne Blues guitarist
Gorky Park
Go West
Grace Potter
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Graeme Park
Graham Barnes
Graham Day
Graham Kendrick
Graham Park
Graham Parker & The Rumour
Graham Russell Drummer (Blue Aeroplanes)
Grande Coral Evangélico
Grande Orquestra de Luís Gomes
Grand Funk Railroad
Gravity Clutch
Gravity Thugs
Gravy Train
Gravy Train!!!!
Gray, Gene & The Stingrays
Gray Matter
Grayscale Gothic metal
Grayson & Whitter
Green Day
Greenhouse AC
Greenwood Goulding
Greg Howard
Greg Knowles
Gregory Phillips & The Remo Four
Grey's Anatomy Cast
Grim Funeral
Groot Walenburgs Vuilharmonisch Orkest
Groove Collective
Ground Inch
Growing Concern 60s US psychedelic band
Growing Concern Montréal punk/hardcore band
Growing Down
Growing Pains punk band from Philadelphia
G-String French punk band
Guio De Moraes E Seus Parentes
Guiomar Novaes
Guns N' Rosa Parks
Gustav Clarkson viola
Gustavo Lovato
Gym Class Heroes
Gypsy Soul


Hack Mack Jackson
Hair Police
Hala Mahmoud & The Gypsies of the Nile
Hall Daniels
Hank Bullock & The DeanMartins
Hans Alfredson
Hans Alfredson & Tage Danielsson
H.A.N.Z. & 88 Keys
Harald Rock
Hard Attack gabber, hardcore
Hard Attack punk band
Hard Attack progressive trance
Harmony Swedish christian metal band
Harmony Cats
Harmony Ensemble
Harmony Industrie
Harmony Innocents
Harmony Rockets
Harmony Sisters Finland
Harold López-Nussa Trio
Harris & Cox
Harry Clarkson
Harry Groener & Lynette Perry
Harry Perry Band
Harshit Chouhan
Harvey Mason jazz drummer
Hassan Shakur
Hatori Yumi
Hats Barn french black metal band
Head punk rock from Seattle, WA, USA
Head Automatica
Head for Tall Trees
Heart Attack Metal band from Cannes
Heart Attack punk band
Heart Attack Horns
Heartattack Radio
Heath Cullen & The 45
Heather McIntosh
Heavens Edge
He Is Legend
Hélène Mursic
Helen Jepson
Hell Is for Heroes
Hell-Train Spanish thrash metal band
Hemminki P.
Henderson's Roseland Orchestra
Henderson Twins sang with Al Bowlly
Henrik Drake
Henry Hayes With Georgetta Hardin
Herb Ellis & Ray Brown Sextet
Here Be Dragons
Héroes del Silencio
Heroes for Hire Australian pop-punk group
Hey Marseilles
Hide and Seek Group from North Carolina, USA
Hide & Seek French group
Higher Council of Mars
Higher Keys Brown University a capella group
High on Fire
Hills Rolling
Hit By A Rock
Hi Tracks
Hogan's Heroes
Hollywood Undead
Holy Dragons
Holy Order
Home Grown
Horace Henderson and His Orchestra
Horace Pinker
Horde Lorde New Zealand power metal
Hot Pants
Hot Peas & Butta
Hot Pink Delorean
Hot Pink Turtle
Hound Dog Taylor & The HouseRockers
House Heroes
House of God, Sarasota, Florida
House of Pain
Houss Chouari
Howard Baer
Howard Carpendale
Howland, Laug, Morrison & Pinnick
Hrubesch Youth
Huggin' Wayne
Hugh McIntosh
Hula Punk
Hulk Hogan & The Wrestling Boot Band
Humphrey & Busta Flex
Hundred Inch Shadow
Hunter Hayes Saxophonist
Hunter Hayes US country music singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist
Hunter Hayes prodigy Cajun accordionist



J Spanish pop [Punsetes]
J Japanese bassist
J Korean Pop Female Singer
J. Rap artist from Berlin
J. performance name of Jens Müller
J. performance name of Jay Noel Yuenger
J. OhThatJ
Jack DeJohnette's Directions
Jackie Doll and His Pickled Peppers
Jackie Rae
Jack Mack & The Heart Attack
Jack O' Fire
Jack Rock
Jackson Analogue
Jackson Heights
Jackson Mendoza
Jackson Sisters
Jackson Souvenirs
Jackson Taylor Band
Jackson United
Jack Taylor Experience
Jacquelyn Walsh
Jacques Mars
Jacques Roux
Jacqui Copland
Jae Choung
Jagged Edge Drum & Bass collaboration of Optical & Ryme Tyme
Jagged Edge American R&B singing group
Jagged Edge UK UK melodic rock band
Jag Panzer
Jah Mason
Jaime López y José Manuel Aguilera
Jaime Muñarriz & Julio Seijas & Gómez Escolar
James Beck Classical music violoncellist
James Brown & The Famous Flames
James Douglas Morrison
James Fleet / Drake Colley Quintet
James Hall & Worship & Praise
James Harman Band
James Jackson US rapper Dinco D
James Mason US jazz/funk guitarist
James McKeever
James Morris
James Morrison US funk drummer, member of Aquarian Dream
James Morrison designer
James Morrison Middlesbrough, UK
James Morrison Australian jazz musician
James Morrison Irish-American fiddler
James Morrison UK singer
James Morrison and Doug Parkinson
James Morrison Big Band
James Morrison Trio
James Perry & Co
James Rae
James Robert Morrison
James Tyrell
James Wallace & The Naked Light
James Walsh from Starsailor
James Young composer
Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
Jamie Rae
Jamie West Singer-songwriter Jamie West (UK)
Jamie Williams and The Roots Collective
Jane Morgan & The Jones Boys
Janet Gaynor
Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell
Janet Jackson
Jane Tyrrell
Janna Potter
Jannick Top
Janni Gagarin
Jasmine Rae
Jasmine You Japanese bassist
Jason Derulo
Jason Howard
Jason Rae
Jason Tyrello
Javier Lopez & Reyes Ballenatos
Jay Sean
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
JC Russell
Jean-Charles Guiochen
Jean Chouquet Producer
Jean Choux
Jeane Manson
Jean-Luc Guionnet
Jean-Paul Guiot Production music composer
Jean Walsh
Jean-Yves Le Roux
Jeff Barnes woodwinds player with Brave Combo, does soundtrack work.
Jeff Derringer
Jeff Drake
Jefferson Airplane
Jefferson Starship
Jeff Keith
Jeff Order
Jeff Potter
Jeffrey Chouinard
Jeffrey Daniels member of r&b group Shalimar
Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Murse
Jennifer Walshe
Jeph Howard
Jeremiah Freed
Jeremy Drake
Jeremy Walsh
Jérôme Avril
Jerry Boys
Jerry Daniels
Jerry's Kids USA punk band from Boston
Jerry Wallace with The Jewels
Jesica Rubino
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Rae Scottish (Very Scottish!) singer/songwriter
Jessica 6
Jessica Bailiff & Alan Sparhawk
Jessica Burgan
Jessica Lauren 3
Jessica Lurie Ensemble
Jessica Schoenberg Band
Jessica's Crime
Jessica Walsh
Jessica Williams Trio
Jessie Jessie from The Suicidal Birds
Jessie Japanese lyricist
Jessie Barkel
Jessie Baylin
Jessie Cannon
Jessie Chaton
Jessie Daniels
Jessie Evans
Jessie Floyd
Jessie Grace
Jessie Grizzlebottom
Jessie Hill
Jessie Horsting Production music composer
Jessie J
Jessie James
Jessie Jones
Jessie Kilguss
Jessie Lane
Jessie Leavey
Jessie Leyten
Jessie Malakouti
Jessie Paul
Jessie Stevens
Jessie Stone
Jessie Thomas
Jessie Turner
Jessie Warner
Jessie Wilimek
Jesus Jones
Jesus Loves You
Jethro Tull
Jetset Radio
Jill Walsh
Jim & Artie Marshall
Jimbo Jackson & The Violators
Jim Ed Brown & The Browns
Jim Jones & The Chaunteys
Jimmie Bee & The Fleetwood Combo
Jim Morrison & The Stripes
Jimmy Anthony & The Jap Curry Blazers
Jimmy Barnes
Jimmy Hayes & The Camey Ridge Ramblers
Jimmy Hayes & The Soul Surfers
Jimmy Jones & The Pretenders
Jimmy Kelly & The Rock-A-Beats
Jimmy Silva and The Empty Set
Jimmy Silva's Goat 5
Jimmy Silva & The Goats
Jimmy Z US musician
Jim Wayne Swingtett
Jim White & The King's Men
J & J
J. J. Barnes
J.J. Barnes
J & J Brothers
J-J-C 90s hardcore, track "Let Your Body Go"
J. J. Co
J. J. Johnson Jazz/bop trombonist/session leader
J. J. Johnson Sextet
J.-J. Lionel
J. J. Neece
J.J. & The Shuffle Kings
J J Tyrell
J 'N' J
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Joan Kennedy & Dan Merrill
Jo Cooper & Elin Lloyd
Jodey Kendrick
Jody Harris & Robert Quine
Jody's Kids
Joe Brown, A.A. Gray & Seven Foot Dilly
Joe Henderson Big Band
Joe Henderson Norwegian Quartet
Joe Henderson Sextet
Joe Howard
Joe Jackson English musician
Joe Jackson Band
Joel Walsh
Joe Pace & The Colorado Mass Choir
Joe Perry Project
Joe Rock
Joe Walsh
Joey Harris & The Mentals
Joey Only and the Comrades
Joe Young
Joey & 'Papa' John DeFrancesco
Johann Sebastian Bach
John Barnes English footballer, vocals on "World in Motion"
John Barnes US songwriter
John Barnes aka US rapper, Blu
John Barnes UK IDM artist
John Beck Writer, producer & musician
John Bowie
John Brown's Body
John Burroughs High School Muses A Cappella group from John Burroughs High School
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
John Carter & Terry Kennedy
John Choudry
John Ebata and Waleed Abdulhamid
John Emelin
John Jackson aka Fabolous
John Kennedy Former Amiga Format editor
John Keys organist
John Keys techno
John Knowles Paine
John Legend
John McKenna & James Morrison
Johnnie Head
Johnny Bustamante
Johnny Corporate
Johnny Hates Jazz
Johnny Lopez Y Su Super Combo Con Tony Lopez
Johnny Mars
Johnny Maxwell & The Rhythmmasters Country/Hillbilly group
Johnny Panic
Johnny Ray Y Las Estrellas de Nueva York
Johnny Tyler & The Riders of the Rio Grande
John Park American singer of Korean descent
John Park
John Potter
John Rae
John Sheeran
John Tejada & Justin Maxwell
John Walsh
John Walter Bratton and Jimmy Kennedy
John Wayne Shot Me
John Young
Jolly Joker and the Plastic Beatles of the Universe
Jonathan Foster & Oasis Praise
Jonathan Knowles
Jonathan Manson
Jonathan & Stephen Cohen
Jon Daniels
Jondi & Spesh
Jones Boys
Jone's Bros Finnish rock band
Jon Gagan
Jon Mark & David Anthony Clark
Jonny Beck
Jonny Cohen's Love Machine
Jono Manson
Jono Manson Band
Jono West
Jon-Rae Fletcher
Jon Swift and Rob Machado
Jon Wayne
Jon Wayne and The Pain
Jordan Patterson & Bobby Rush
José María Gallardo del Rey
Joseph Bowie
Joseph Fidler Walsh
Joseph Fire Crow & Joseph Marshall
Joseph Leon
Joseph Manson
Joseph Young
Josh and Anand
Josh Day
Josh Guion
Josh McIntosh
Jota Quest
Jowe Head
J. Poland and the Pilots
Jsoul Black Sinatra
J. T. J. Trio
Juan Dela Cruz Band
Juan Lopez German trance duo
Juan Luis Guerra y 4.40
Judith Durham & The Seekers
Juicy Panic
Julian Beck
Julian Clarkson
Julian Knowles
Julio Bustamante
Julius McKee
Jung Collective
Jungle Brothers US Hip Hop group
Jungle Oasis Inc.
Junior Gravely & The Rock-A-Tones
Junior Kimbrough & The Soul Blues Boys
Jurassic 5
Just Add Monsters
Just Brothers
Justin Bieber
Justin Jones & The Driving Rain
Justin Timberlake
Jutta Simon-Alt


Kaan Safkan
Kabuto the Python
Kahimi Karie and the Cruel Grand Orchestra
Kai Russell
Kamikaze Pilots
Kanye West
Kanye West Tribute Band
Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy
Karen Knowles
Karen O and the Kids
Karin Park
Karl Russell
Kate Sheeran
Katherine Nelson & Greg Simpson
Katsumi Chou
Katy Clarkson
Katy Perry
K. Da Cruz
Kein Babel
Keith Coelho
Keith Courvale
Keith Frank & The Soileau Zydeco Band
Keith Jackson
Keith Jarrett
Keith Knowles
Keith LuBrant & Bernie Lambert
Keith Mason
Kelli McIntosh
Kelly Bell Band
Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Hits The Blue Sky Hungarian band
Kelly Pace and Group
Kelly Pease
Kelly, Shelley, Patti & Kim
Kelly's Heroes
Kelly Wingate
Kelly & Yates
Kelly Z
Ken Blount and The Church on the Move Praise and Worship Band
Kendrick Scott Oracle
Ken Howard
Ken McIntosh
Kenny Burrell and the Jazz Heritage All-Stars
Kenny Chou
Kenny Day
Kenny Parchman
Kenny Parchman & His High-Hats
Kenny Smith & The Fox Fire Band
Ken Page & Burt Reynolds
Ken Thorne
Ken Thorne and his Orchestra
Kern Kennedy and the Pacers
Kerry Brothers
Kerry Potter
Kesha Ealy
Kesha Sebert
Keshavan Maslak
Keshav Dhar
Keshav Joshi
Keshav Purushotham
Keshav Sathe
Kevin Barnes
Kevin C. Keys
Kevin "Clutch" Page
Kevin JZ Prodigy
Kevin Keith
Kevin Kendrick
Kevin Thickett
Keys turntablist
Keyside Strike
Keystone Cops
Khaled Australia-based hip hop producer, part of The Formula
Khaled Algerian raï singer-songwriter Khaled Hadj Ibrahim (Cheb Khaled)
Khaled AlJaramani
Khaled & Arabesk
Khaled Arman Musician - Lute Player
Khaled Babou
Khaled el Shareif
Khaled Galal
Khaled Habib
Khaled Hosseini
Khaled Jubran
Khaled Junior
Khaled Rohaim
Khaled Sherif
Khaled Zaid
Kharma 45
Kid Cudi
Kid Rock
Kids at the Bar
Kids Club
Kids in Glass Houses
Kids in Tracksuits
Kids of 88
Kids on TV
Kidz Next Door
Kieran Daniels
Killa Thugs
Killing Time New York Hardcore band
Kill the Man Who Questions
Kim Nile
Kimodo Dragons
King Czar & Ms. Tammy & Mr. Sinatra
King Missile
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
King Perry & His Pied Pipers
King Radio US alt-pop band
Kings of Harmony
Kings of Leon
Kingston Ladies
Kings to You
Kirk, Mark and Lopez
Kissing the Pink
Knife Attack
Knoxville Girls
Koerner, Ray & Glover
Koffee Brown
Kongo Skulls
Koray Safkan
Kosmic Free Music Foundation
Krazy Thugs
Krewella EDM trio from Chicago, Illinois.
Krista Caspersz
Kristine Jepson
K. Rolling
Krüger Brothers
Krystal Keith




Ledge Attack
Lee Goulding Keyboards (Tansads, Merry Hell)
Lee Mars
Lee Potter UK beatboxer Killa Kela
Lee Press-On and The Nails
Lee Wharton & Jay Lee Lloyd
Lefty Drake and the Mellow Side Winos
Legend US Christian rock
Legend UK traditional metal
Legenda Aurea
Legend Maker
Legend Seven
Legends of Doo Wop
Legends of Motorsport
Le Grande Boofont
Leigh Mahoney
Leighton Meester
Leomia Boyd & The Gospel Music Makers
Leon Midlands, UK rock band
Leon Australian rapper
Leon German trance producer Thorsten Adler
Leon Italian DJ/producer Ruggero Di Gianvito
Leon mastering engineer at Music House
Léon Soul artist, Léon Malélé
Leonard Cohen
Leon Bolier
León Dramaz
Leon Fleisher
León Gieco
Leon Haywood
Leonie Cohen Plus
Leon Mar
Leon McAuliffe
Leon Russell
Leo Soileau & His Rhythm Boys
Leo Soileau's Four Aces
Leo Soileau's Rhythm Boys
Le piccole ore
Le Punk
Les 50 Otages
Les Grandes Gueules French hip hop
Les Grandes Gueules Humorists duo from Quebec
Les Oreilles de la Souris
Les Rolling Bidochons
Les Stroud and The Campfire Kings
Lester and the Landslide Ladies
Lester Bowie
Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy
Les Thugs
Le Tigre
Let Me Introduce You To The End
Let the Night Roar
Levellers 5
Liam Prodigy
Libby and Wayne Huirua and Mark DeJong
Lieut. Jim Europe's 369th Infantry 'Hell Fighters' Band
Life After Life
Lifelike Minneapolis/St.Paul melodic rock band
Life of Agony
Life's Addiction
Life Without Buildings
Lighter Shade of Brown
Lil' Head
Lil Wayne American rapper
Lily Chou-Chou
Linda Bustani
Linda, Roos & Jessica
Linda Russell
Linkin Park
Lionel Chouchon
Lions at Your Door
Liquid Harmony
Lisa Keith
Litel punk
Little Anthony & The Imperials
Little Casper & the MX's
Little Sister South africa all female vocal 1990's
Little Sister 1970s all-female vocal harmony group
Little Sister Birmingham-based female folk four-piece
Liverpool Lads a Beatles Tribute Beatles Tribute Band
Living Legends California underground hip-hop collective
Living Legends UK anarcho-punk band
Living Strings and Living Voices
Lizard Train
Liz Knowles
Lloyd band
Lloyd & Carey
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
Lloyd & Devon
Lloyd & Glen
Lloyd Hunter's Serenaders
Lloydie and Charlie ska artists, song "All Of My Life"
Lloydie & The Lowbites
Lloyd Langton Group
Lloyd McCullough & The Drifting Hillbillies
Lloyd Price & His Band
Lloyd's All Stars Jamaican reggae backing group
Lloyd's Garage
Lloyd's Rocket
Lloyd Trotman & His Orchestra
Logic Religion
Londa Kendrick Four
Lonette McKee
Loona Park Michael Mandakas & Stavros Papadakis
Loop Guru
Lopez & Hamilton
Lopez Sophisticates
Lorde Brazilian artist, album "Teofagia"
Lorde New Zealand Singer-Songwriter
Lorde of All Desires
Lorraine McIntosh UK vocals for Jamiroquai, The Cool Notes aka Lauraine Smart
Lorraine McIntosh vocalist for Deacon Blue
Los Hijos Del Rey
Los Mel-Tones
Los Panchos
Los Reyes del Falsete
Los Reyes del K.O.
Los Reyes Del Ritmo
Lost Goat
Lost in the Trees
Lost Scripts
Lost Weekend
Los Verdaderos Kreyentes de la Religión del Hip Hop
Louis A Bustamante
Louis Thorne
Love Like Blood
Love Police
LoveSick Radio
Love Songs
Lucas Chan
Lucie Thorne
Lucky Dragons
Luc Roux
Lugar nenhum
Luigi Rubino
Luis León
Luke McKeehan
Luke & Swift
Luke Top
Lulu Production music composer
Lulu Scottish singer and actress
LuLu Japanese band
Lulu and the Lampshades
Lulu Belle
Lulu Belle & Scotty
Lulu Hughes
Lulu Jackson
Lulu Joppert Brazilian
Lulu Lewe
Lulu Ong
Lulu Reinhardt
Lulu Rouge
Lulu Santos
Lulu Strange
Lulu & The Luvvers
Luna Parker
Lunar Abyss Deus Organum
LunchMoney Lewis
Luscious Jackson
Lyles West
Lynch Mob
Lynch Mob US hard rock band
Lynch Pilson
Lynn Morris Band
Lynn Taylor & The Peachettes


Maccabees formerly Dissident Prophet
Maceo and All the King’s Men
Mada Nile
Mad Doggin'
Madonna 303
Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Madonna Nash
Madonna Wayne Gacy
Mae Barnes
Mae Questel with Victor Young's Orchestra
Mae West
Maggot Shoes
Magic Kids
Magic Lady
Mahalia Barnes
Mahones German band
Mahoney Pex Tufvesson
Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh & Frankie Kennedy
Makeshift Prodigy
Makh Daniels
Mallies Le Roux
Mami Chan
Mamuka Gaganidze
Manhattan Strings
Manic Movement
Manic P.
Man in Gray
Manson US rapper
Manson Youth USA punk band
Manson Youth German punk band
Many Hats
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony Thompson
Marc Chouarain
Marc Copland
Marcia Beck
Marcia Rae
Marc La Cruz 'n Ace Da Brain
Marcy d' Arcy & The Prodigal Sons
Marc Z
Margaux Avril
Maria Byrne Irish Singer Songwriter
Mariah Carey
Maria McKee
Marilyn Manson the band
Marilyn Manson the person; see annotation for additional info
Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids
Marilyn Mazur's Future Song
Mario Lanza
Marion Brown Quartet
Marion Rouxin
Marius Müller's Funhouse
Mark Barnes
Mark Burgess and the Sons of God
Mark Chan
Mark Daniels US future jazz/electronic producer
Mark Nails
Mark Olson and The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers
Mark Orton
Mark Potter
Mark Rae
Markus Kelly & The Impassions
Markus Rock
Marky Ramone and the Speed Kings
Maroon German metalcore / death metal band
Maroon Female Contemporary Jazz vocalist
Maroon 5
Maroon Printing-Man
Maroon Town
Mars Spanish hip-hop [Nasty Project]
Mars German pop vocalist Marcel Saibert
Mars UK drum n bass producer Will Marsden
Mars US trance producer
Mars Boston area rock band from 2000's
Mars US horrorcore rapper
Mars 90s German rock band
Mars Breaks/Drum & Bass DJ & producer from Kaliningrad, Russia.
Mars french composer
Mars late 70s New York City No Wave band
M.A.R.S. Roel Sterkens & Steven Vanvaeck
M.A.R.S. band from Finland
M.A.R.S. Matthias Adam Ram Scheid
Mars Accelerator
Mars Argo
Mars Arizona
Mars Attacks
Mars Classroom
Mars Fellows
Marshall Italian prog metal band
Marshall Rubinoff
Marshall & the Fro
Marsh Dondurma
Marshmellow Men
Mars Hollow
Mars ILL
Martial et Anthony
Martin Alfredsson
Marvin Daniels
Maryam Mursal
Mary Rafferty
Masada String Trio
M.A.S. Collective
Mason Williams
Massed Bands and Pipes and Drums of Army Regiments
Massive Attack
Mathew Knowles
Mathieu Rouxel
Matt Beck
Matt Cardle
Matthew Madonna
Matthew Salt
Matthias Raue & Martin Cyrus
Matt Jepson
Matt Mars
Matt McIntosh
Maureen West
Maurice Le Roux
Mauve Park
Maxïmo Park
Max Rafferty
Maxwell Davis & His Orchestra
Maxwell Edison
Maxwell Greenfield
Maxwell Mojo
Maxwell / Mosher
Maxwell's Demon U.S. Progressive Rock Group
Maxwells & Niels Viggo Bentzon
Mayu-Chan scat
McBride & The Ride
MC Busta
MC Codebreaker and DJ Timecode
McGee Brothers
McIntosh County Shouters
McIntosh Ross
MC Mars
MC Russell
Meesters in Chaos
Melanie American singer-songwriter Melanie Safka
Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk
Mel Gaynor
Melina León Puerto Rican merengue singer and actress
Mélissa Mars
Mellow Tracks
Melvin Jackson Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson
Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band
Members Only
Men as Trees DIY post-hardcore from Michigan
Men From the Nile
Men of Harmony Gospel Choir from Wisconsin
Men Without Hats
Mephisto Grande
Mercy Train
Merrilee Rush and The Turnabouts
Mexican Elvis
MF Pitbulls
Miami Dragons
Michael Allen Harrison and Friends
Michael Alpert, Lauren Brody, Adrienne Cooper, Irena Klepfisz, Henry Sapoznik, David Waletzky & Josh Waletzky
Michael "Blackie" O'Connell and Karol Lynch
Michael Bowie
Michael Day
Michael Head
Michael Jackson "King of Pop"
Michael Mason country singer
Michael Maxwell and his Orchestra and the Steve Wingfield Band Cd doesn't have specific artist name listed on case or on insert
Michael McKeegan
Michael McKeever
Michael Rafferty
Michael Rock
Michael Tyrell
Michael Vincent Rubino
Michael Yonkers with The Blind Shake
Micheline Day
Michelle O'Brien, Aogan Lynch & Gavin Ralston
Michel Roux
Mick Fleetwood
Mick Mars
Mick Park
Mick Ryan & Pete Harris
Midnight Youth
Midnite Monkey
Miguel Picasso & Alex Gomez
Mikael Jepson
Mike Goulding
Mike Jackson songwriter
Mike Mahoney
Mike Park Korean American Ska Punk artist
Mike Rafferty
Mike Simpson with SpongeBob, Patrick & Goofy Goober
Mike Thorne
Miki Howard
Mila Mason
Miley Cyrus
Milk on Seven Inch
Milk-Plus & Lady DKX
Millie Jackson
Million Dollar Nile Seattle's Greenest Bluegrass Band
Milltown Brothers
Milt Jackson
Milt Jackson Quartet
Milt Jackson Sextet
Miranda Lambert
Mirrors on Shoes
Mischa Daniëls
Misplaced Neighbourhood Marillion tribute band from England, Wales, Norway and Holland
Miss Derringer
Mitch Daniels
Mitchell Museum
Mitch Greenhill & Wayne Smith
Mitzi Gaynor
Modern Talking
Modular Punk
Moment Of Pain
Monkey Ska from northern California.
Monkey dubstep
Monkey vocalist in The Adicts
Monkey Project by Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett and Chen Shi-Zheng
Monkey Boy Louisville, KY psychobilly
Monkey Business alias of Guided by Voices
Monkey Business funk & hip hop group
Monkey Siren
Monkey Steak
Monkey Suite
Monkey Test
Monsieur Chouf
Monsieur Dubois & Joseph Bowie
Monsieur Roux
Monsieur Taylor's New Brand
Monsters Are Not Myths Local band in SF Bay Area
Monsters Are Waiting
Monsters in the Attic
Monsters of Folk Jim James, Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and Mike Mogis
Monsters of Liedermaching
Monsters of the Ordinary Austrian Stoner Rock
Montauk P
Monty Kelly and His Orchestra
Monty Python
Moonshot Radio
Moon's Train
Mopreme Shakur
Morbus Deus
More República Masonica
Mormon Youth Symphony
Morris Minor & The Majors
Morrison Dutch trance duo
Morrison Brook
Morrison Brothers Band
Morrison Brothers Band Contra dance trio
Morriston Orpheus Choir
Motetus Focus
Mother Angelica and the Nuns of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery
Mother's Monsters
Mo' Thugs
Mötley Crüe
Mott the Hoople
Mount Florida
Mount Rushmore
mouse fire
Mouse on Mars
Mouse on the Keys
m.o.v.e Japanese band
Movement German band, Matt and Gernot Bridges
Movement 98
Mover late 90s UK indie rock band
Moving Targets USA art rock/punk band
Mr. Day
Mr. Donahue's Monsters
Mr. Henry & The Hot Rats
Muddy Shoes
Muff Potter
Mumford & Sons
Murray Head
Murray Thorne
Mursego + Eten
Murth the Man-o-Script
Mururoa Attäck
Muscle Doggy Grooves
Muse UK rock band
Muse French ambient trance, key track "Innocent Voices"
Muse defunct US alt rock band, 97 album "Arcana"
M.U.S.E. & DJ San
Musée Mécanique
Museo Rosenbach
Museum Alias for Anton Pieete and Jeroen Liebregts
Museum American goth band
Museum Of Neurotic Origins
Mushroom Attack
Musical Religion
Music Theatre Wales
Mutt Carey's New Yorkers
My Baby Wants To Eat Your Pussy
My Bloody Valentine
Myles Hayes & James Norris
Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Slash's band, consisting of vocalist Myles Kennedy, bassist Todd Kerns, and drummer Brent Fitz
My Life Story British indie pop group
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
My Little Funhouse
My Own Religion
My Scarlet Life
Mystery Skulls
Mystery Train Korean group


Nada Por Nadie
Nadie female singer/songwriter Nadie Keating (UK)
Nadienne Sacco
Nails Øv Christ
Naked Lady Wrestlers
Nancy Day
Nancy Russell
Nancy Sinatra
Nappy Roots
Nathaniel Clarkson Production music composer
Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang Nathen Maxwell
National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain
Native Radio
Nat Kendrick & The Swans
Nature (5)
Neal Howard
Neal McKeeby
Necrophiliac Fun
Ned and Manson
Need for Panic
Neev Kennedy
Neighborhood Brats
Neighborhood Watch
Neighbourhood Groove Collective
Neil Perry
Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
Nelly and the Dirtfloor
Nelly Byl
Nelly Byl Production music composer
Nelly Ciobanu
Nelly & de Krekels
Nelly Furtado
Nelly Miricioiu soprano
Nelly Omar
Nelly Palmowske
Nelly Perrier
Nelly Pouget
Nelly Pucci
Nelly Smras
Nelly van Asten
Nelly van Orsouw
Nelly Vasquez
Nelly Ylitalo
Neon Trees
Neo Tones
Nerina Pallot
Netzwerk Florida
New 7th Music
New Fast Automatic Daffodils
New Kids on the Block
New North Wales
New Order
New Riders of the Purple Sage
News From Babel
New South Wales Public School Singers
Next Time
Nicholas Thorne
Nick Barnes
Nick Drake
Nick Goulding
Nick Head
Nicki Minaj
Nick Lunn + Paul Jones
Nick Rafferty
Nick Rafferty & Nick Rowland
Nick Rafferty & PBS
Nick Rafferty & The Coalition
Nick Skitz & Wayne McDaniel
Nic Le Roux
Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc.
Nico Gomez & His Orchestra
Nicolas Roux
Nicole Roux
Nico & Vinz fka Envy
Nic Potter
Nigel Goulding
Night Moves 80s italo disco duo "Transdance"
Nile American technical death metal band
Nile Anton Chernikov
Nile alias for Jenee Grevious
Nile Delta
Nile Hardin
Nile Jacobs
Nile Nash
Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers & Nataraj
Nile Ross
Nine Inch Goombas
Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Richards
Noah Taylor & the Sloppy Boys
No Direction
No Direction USA punk band
Noel Rafferty
Noël Roux French lyricist
No Flags Etc
No Fun at All
Non-Aggression Pact
No Parking For Caravans
Nora Keys
North Carolina State Ladies in Red
Northern Monkey Nottingham
No Tag
Nothing but Oregano
No Use for a Name
Now You See Them
Nubi & Kennedy
Numbers Radio
Nu ordeR
Nutrition Fun





P canadian hip hop
P 90s US alternative rock band


Pacific Gas & Electric
Paco de Lucía Sextet
Paddy and the Rats
Palaxy Tracks
Pale Horse and Rider
Paleros de Jagüey Grande en Matanzas
Pandemonium Swedish metal band
Pandemonium Projects
Pandora Spanish Artist
Pandora's Box female rock group assembled by Jim Steinman
Pangaea Australian punk
Panic! at the Disco
Panic DHH
Panic Number
Panic on the Titanic
Panic Stricken
Panic & the Rebel Emergency
Panjabi Hit Squad
Pan Sonic Minimal electronic group, aka Panasonic
Pansy Division
Panteón Rococó
Pantera metal band
Papa Chan
Paper Airplane Pilots
Paper Pilots
Paradoxical Babel
Paramore Indie rock duo
Paramore Pop Rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Paranormal Attack
Park Turkish Punk Band
Park Estonian band
Park Andy Dierks
Park USA pop-punk band from Springfield, Illinois
Park Ave.
Park Cities Baptist Church Contemporary Worship Team
Parker & Clind
Parkinson DC
Partenaire Particulier
Partenos Petras
Part-Time Heroes
Party Police (NL) Dutch Party Band
Past Tell Museum
Pat Bowie & Charles McPherson
Pat Kelly & the Shamrocks
Pat Mahoney
Pat Rafferty
Patricia Daniels
Patrick Bieber
Patrick Kelly with PsychoAcoustic Orchestra
Patrick Park
Patrick Richard
Patrick West
Pattie Blingh and the Akebulan 5
Paul Anthony & ZXX
Paul Black and The Flip Kings Blues Band from Madison WI
Paul Chousmer
Paul Clarkson
Paul de Choudens
Paul Guiot
Paulina Rubio
Paul Johnson & The Packards
Paul Kelly and The Dots
Paul Kelly and The Messengers
Paul Maroon
Paul McZiel & Wallace Gernger
Paul Rafferty
Paul Young English pop musician
Pavilion formerly known as Mercury Girls
Pavilions Post Hardcore
Pavilionul 32
pc Quest
Peace, Love & Pitbulls
Peak Pilots
Pearlean Gray & The Passengers
Peasant's King Not the American band Peasant The King
Peasants With Pitchforks
Peech Boys
Pee Wee Lambert & Curley Parker & Their Pine Mountain Boys Bluegrass group
Peja / Slums Attack
Peleg Top
People From Mars Italian techno
People From Mars Michael Anthony Gray, “People From Mars (2)” on Discogs
People in the Park
People Without Shoes
Pepe Ahlqvist & The Rolling Tumbleweed
Per Elvis & His Rockers
Pernice Brothers
Perry and the Travellers
Perry Botkin String Band
Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools
Perry Como and The Satisfiers
Perry Friedman, Don Paulin, Danielle Villère & Janna Carioli
Perry La Pointe & The Orange Playboys
Perry London Orchestra
Perry & Rhodan
Perry Robinson Quartet
Perry Weissman 3
Perry Welsh & The Mighty Johnsons
Perssons Pack
Pete Kelly's Solution
Peter Howard
Peter Keys
Pete Rock
Peter Parker Seattle indie rock band
Peter Punk
Peter Punk Italian punk rock band
Pete Seeger and Company
Petra Bonmassar
Pet Shop Boys
P-Floyd Pink Floyd cover band from Sweden
Phil Barnes
Philip Clarkson
Philippe Avril
Phillips, Craig & Dean
Phillips, Grier and Flinner
Phillip's Tutu
Phil Phillips & The Twilights
Phoebe Quest
Phuture Punk
Phyllis Kennedy Bolden & The New Children Of Christ
Pictures of Pain
Pierre Solange Musette Ensemble
Pigeon Park
Pilots Buda
Pilots in the Sky and on the Sea
Pilot's Lounge
Pilots Of Tiger Bay
Pinehurst Kids
Pink Japanese band
Pink Alert
Pink Anvil
Pinkard & Bowden
Pink Chihuahua
Pink Cream 69
Pink Dirt
Pinkerton's Assorted Colours
Pink Fairies
Pink Floyd
Pink Grease
Pink Houses
Pink Industry
Pink Is Punk
Pink Lane
Pink Lincolns
Pink Martini
Pink Mountain Indie/avant-garde - not to be confused with Pink Mountaintops
Pink Mountaintops
Pink Noise Brooklyn Indie band
Pink Noise US electronic duo
Pink & Noseworthy
Pink Pills
Pink Playground
Pink Porkchops
Pink Riot
Pink Slip Daddy
Pink Stanly Ford
Pink Star
Pink Style Band
Pink Turns Blue
Pinky And Perky
Pinky Chicks
Pinky & Killers
Pinstripe 45's
Pipedown traditional music group based in Scotland
Pipes and Drums and Regimental Band of the Royal Highland Fusiliers
Pipes and Pints
Pipes & Drums of Denny & Dunipace
Pippi Punk
PitBull Belarusian band, track "Maju nadzieju"
PitBull Belarusian band
Pitbull American rapper
Pitbull Daycare
Pitbulls in the Nursery
Pitbull Terrorist
Place of Skulls
Play the Tracks Of
Ploštín Punk
P. Mobil
Poet and the Roots Reggae band
Police Bastard
Police Lineup
Police Lucifer New Zealand band
Police Squad
Police Teeth Seattle Indie Band
Post Scriptum Romanian Rock Group
Potato 5
Pound Boys
Pounding Grooves vs. Perry
Powerman 5000
Power Quest
Pow woW & John Henderson
Praise UK new age / dance
Praise US hip hop
Praise Machine
Pretty Ricky
Price & Walsh
Pride of Lions
Pride of Mind
Pride of New York
Pride of The Cross
Primary Attack
Prime Mover Aron Paramor & Dave Parkinson
Primer 55
Prime Time Prime Time Band
Prime Time Ukrainean
Primix for Kids
Princeton University Roaring 20
Priscilla Barnes
Prodigal unknown alternative/indie band
Prodigal Earth
Prodigal Sons dutch group
Prodigal Sons US Christian techno group
Prodigal Sun UK trance trio
Prodige Namor
Prodigy Member of the New York rap group Mobb Deep
Prodigy Guitarist
Prodigy & Tom Morello
P-Square Nigerian RnB duo Peter and Paul Okoye
Psycho Radio
Psysex in Panick
Puding pani Elvisovej
Punica Oasis
P-Unit Kenyan group: Gabu, Frasha and Bon'Eye
Punk Again
Punk Bunny
Punk Floid
Punk Floyd
Punk Freakz
Punk Rock Baby
Punk T
Punk TV
Punky Brüster
Purest of Pain Dutch metal band
Purple Motion & Edge
Put Your Hands Up for Neo-Tokyo
Puzzle Punks
Python Lee Jackson


Quesera Spunky Roars
Quest UK happy hardcore collab, L Milleare & John Horrocks
Quest US Chicago-house artist, track "Mind Games"
Quest for Rescue
Question Mark Spanish trance duo
Questions French punk band
Question the Answers
Quest of Aidance


Rachel Timberlake
Radio “Radio (2)” on Discogs
Radio Calypso singer
Radio 200000
Radio 4
Radio 69
Radio Bagdad
Radio Birdman
Radio bistrot
Radio City UK punk band
Radio Days
Radio Ensemble
Radio Feelings
Radio Flyer
Radio Futura
Radio Havanna
Radio Iodine
Radio Kaos
Radio Lima
Radio Luxembourg
Rádio Macau
Radio Moscow
Radio Radio
Radio Roots
Radio Stars UK new wave band
Radio Tarifa
Radio teātris
Radio Utopia
Radio Vago
Radio Vipers
Radio Чача
Rae DJ & singer, related with Defected/Sandy Rivera
Rae Bristol based band centered around Leonie Evans
Rae & Christian
Rae Sremmurd
Rafferty Rules
Rafferty the Piper
Rafferty White & Jeffries
RAF Punk
Rákosi J. - Sas J.
Ralph Sinatra
Rami Mursula
Ramón 5
Ramon and Jessica
Random Order
Randy Jackson brother of Michael and Janet
Randy Jackson's China Rain
Rank Sinatra
Rape Blossoms
Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus
Rat Monkey
Rats Austrian punk band
Rats Italian rock band
Rats 70's glam rock
Rats UK punk band
Rave Fighters
Rave Inspiration
Ravi Harris & The Prophets
Ray & Anita
Rayan & Rima
Ray Anthony and His Orchestra
Ray Anthony Orchestra
Ray Barretto & His Orchestra
Ray Chan
Ray Collins' Hot-Club Swing Band
Ray Conniff, His Orchestra & Chorus
Ray Doggett & the Counts
Ray Goulding US comedian
Ray Keith
Ray King & The Kingsmen
Ray Mang & Lee Tong
Ray Mason Band
Ray McKinley & His Band
Ray McKinley & His Musicians
Ray & Mick
Raymond Guiot
Raymond Le Sénéchal et son orchestre de Roquets
Raymond Scott & the Secret 7
Rayne-Bo Ramblers
Ray Russell
Ray Wonder
Razor's Edge UK skinhead/RAC band
Razors Edge Japanese hardcore punk band
Realidade Cruel
Real Life Australian new wave/synth-pop band
Rebecca Black
Recess Monkey Children's Rock Band from Seattle
Reckless Kelly
Red Elvises
Red Eyed Legends
Red Flag
Red Flag 77
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Redlight UK producer
RedLight French group
Redlight 6
Redlight District Cologne
Redlight King Mark Kasprzyk
Red Nails
Red Rider
Reggie Young guitarist and songwriter
Reina Republicana
Rejected Kids
Relic 45
Religion Trio of electro/electronica DJs based in LA.
Remember Fun
Rémi Mursic
Republica UK alternative rock band
República Brazilian hard rock band
Republic of Freedom Fighters
Republic of Heaven
Republic of Loose
Republic of Safety
Restless Youth
Reverend Elvis and The Undead Syncopators
Reverend Punk & The Real Dolls
Reverz Park
Rev. Moses Mason
Rey Gordiflón
RG Knowles
Rhianna British singer Rhianna Kenny, key tracks 'Oh Baby', 'Word Love'
Rhythm of Life
Rhytm Police
Rica Deus
Ricardo Rae
Rice Barnes
Richard German electronic artist Richard von der Schulenburg
Richard Ashcroft
Richard Darbyshire
Richard Dworsky
Richard Earnshaw
Richard Elliot
Richard F
Richard Grey French techno producer Richard Jacquin
Richard Harris Irish actor and singer
Richard Jansen Singaporean rapper & singer
Richard Müller
Richard Pachman
Richard Page
Richard Salt
Richard Stoltzman
Richard Thompson UK folk rock singer/songwriter
Richard Wagner
Richard Walshe & The Pboys
Richard Wood & Richard Lee
Richard Wright Pink Floyd keyboardist
Richie Howard
Rich Kids on LSD
Rick Carey & Audrey Auld
Rick Derringer
Rick & Thel Carey
Ricky German pop rapper Ricarda Noyem Priscilla Wältken
Ricky IT - Drummer
Ricky Spanish hip-hop, from Catalonia
Ricky recording engineer
Ricky US bay area hip-hop vocalist
Ricky House producer
Ricky Swedish R&B
Ricky Spanish MC, from Cantabria
Ricky Japanese
Ricky Fitts
Ricky Inch
Ricky Spontane
Rida Johnson Young
Ridel High
Riders in the Sky
Rīgas 45. vidusskolas pirmo klašu koris
Rihanna Def Jam artist b.1988
Rihanna Barbadian R&B/pop singer
Rihanna Johnson dance vocalist, "By Satellite"
Rio Grande
Rip Rig & Panic
Rising High Collective
Rita Lee
Rival Skulls
R. J. Kelly
R. Kelly
Roadhouse Pitbull Blues
Roar Brostrøm
Roarin Cadillacs
Roaring Jack
Roaring Lion & The Cyril Monrose String Orchestra
Roar! Lion
Robbie McIntosh Scottish drummer for Average White Band
Robbie McIntosh English guitarist for The Pretenders
Rob Clarkson
Robert Daniels Engineer
Robert Howard pop songwriter
Robert Lloyd & The New Four Seasons
Robert Maxwell, His Harp & His Orchestra
Robert McFerrin & Adele Addison
Robert McKee
Robert Orton
Robert Sahm
Robert Young
Robin Mahoney
Robin Thicke
Rob McIntosh
Rob Rock
Rob Silvan, John Ragusa, Chris Coulter, Don Wallace, Rick Quintanal
Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Rock A-Tunes
Rock et Belles Oreilles
Rockets in a Coma
RockFam Lame-a Haitian hip-hop group
Rock Gaià
Rock Kills Kid
Rock Salt & Nails
Rock Star Supernova
Rodney Kendrick
Rodney Rogers' Red Peppers
Rod Taylor / Mickey Dread
Roland Casper
Rolling Band
Rolling Boil Blues Band
Rolling Chunder
Rolling Contact
Rolling Corpse
Rolling Home


"Rolling Joe" Johnson 50/60th Rock & Roll artist



Saafi Brothers
Sabine Daniels
Sabotage Qu'Est-Ce Que C'Est?
Sachem Orenda
Sacred Order
Sad Legend
Safka Pekkonen
Sally Potter
Salt Member of Salt-n-Pepa
Salt Stefan Alt, owner of the Ant-Zen label
Salt yle, radio vega
Salt Swedish band with Nina Ramsby
Salt US funk "Hung Up"
Salt Swedish Christian rock group
Salt Lake Children's Choir
Salt Tank
Salt the Wound
Samantha Fish, Cassie Taylor, Dani Wilde 3 Female Blues Musicians
Sam Black Church
Sam Clarkson
Samsara's Edge
Sam Thorne
Samuel Barnes
Samuel Day
Sanctimonious Order
Sandy McIntosh



San Remo Golden Strings
Santa Cruz drum and bass artist
Santa Cruz Dutch trance group, single "Imagine"
Santa Cruz brit-pop group
Santa Cruz Belgian electro-americana group
Santa Cruz Musique Downtempo-ambient trio
Sapiano and the Partycrashers
Sara Beck
Sarah McIntosh & Phil Wickham
Sarah Nile Cameron
Sass Dragons
Saturday's Heroes
Savage Republic
Savage Skulls
Savoy Brown
Sawyer Brown
Scars on 45
Scattered Order
Schola Gregoriana 'Scriptoria'
School for Heroes
Schoolyard Heroes
Scienz of Life
Scott Drake & 8 Foot Tender
Scott Schreer, Reed Hayes, Phil Garrod
Scott West US visual artist/trumpeter for Cloud Cult
Scotty and Lulu
Scraps and Heart Attacks
Screaming Trees Washington grunge band
Screen Door Music
Script of Flood
Scripts post-hardcore from USA
Scriptures Band from Missoula, Montana
Scud Mountain Boys
Séamus Glackin, Brendan Begley, Michael O'Brian, Mary Corcoran & Mick Gaynor
Sean Kennedy & The King Kats
Sean Rae
Seán Tyrrell
Sébastien Chouard
Sébastien Roux
Secret Cities
Secret Squirrel & AJ Flex
Seeborn & Puma
Seed & Root
Seeds & Bones
Seeking for a Name Spain
Seesar and Sonic Pleasures
See See Rider
Seetyca & Etheocles Stevens
Selena Garcia
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez & The Scene
Self Is a Seed
Sem Sinatra
Sensate Focus experimental house
September Collective
Sepulkro Punk
Serge Roux
Sergio & The Ladies
Seungjun Park
Seven Trees
Sex Museum
Sextuor de Clarinettes de la Musique de la Garde Républicaine
Sex Type Thing
Sex Without Nails Bros.
Sexy Police
Shakedown Collective Sussex-Based Blues, Rock, Folk
Shakespears Sister
Shakura S'Aida
Shakur Green
Shame Train
Shandon Sahm
Shane Kendrick
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Shannon Rae
Shark Quest
Sharon Jackson
Sharon Jones and the Dap‐Kings
Shaun Kelly Ensemble
Shaun Kendrick
Shawn Mars
Sheer Heart Attack
Sheila Rock
Shermeen Chan
Shin Chan
Shiny Around the Edges
Ships Funken
Shirley Manson
Shockwave Tag Team
Shoes US power pop band
Shoes This High
Shrine for the Black Madonna
Shukar Collective
SHYOU a.k.a. PitBulldog
Sid Phillips & His Band
Sid Sidney Wallace & The Belairs
Silly Wizard
Silver Cities
Silverlake Collective
Silvia Kids
Simon Fraser University Pipe Band
Simon Head
Simon Phillips, Pete York and Band
Simpson College Worship 1998
Simpson Tune
Sinatra Norwegian demoscene musician, member of Brainstorm
Sinatras USA punk band
Sinatra Tribute Band
Sin City Circus Ladies
Sir Douglas Quintet
Sirens Sister
Sir Psyko and his Monsters
Sir Wallace & the Belairs
Sister Swedish rock band
Sister 7 Sister 7 from Austin, TX, USA
Sister Aaron
Sister Cities
Sister City
Sister Crayon
Sister Hazel
Sister Iodine
Sister James
Sister Queen
Sister Rock-A-Way
Sister Sin
Sister Soleil
Sister Sonny
Sister Suvi
Six Inch Killaz
Six Pack
Skam 45 2 Life & Akira
Skank Sinatra
Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities
Skeleton Tracks
Skinless Brothers
Skitch Henderson & His Orchestra
Skool 77 Rap group from Mexico
Skulls reggae dub band
Skulls New Zealand punk rock
Skull Snaps
Skulls 'n' Bones
Skunk Anansie
Sky Pilots dutch band
Sky Pilots noise band from San Francisco
Sky Salt
S Lambert & G Hulbert
Sleep Museum
Sleep of Monsters
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Slick Shoes
Slim Thugz Collaboration of Frequent C and The Candyman
Slinky Wizard Psychedelic trance project
Sly Hats
Small Brown Bike
Small Radio
SmallTown Heroes
Smashing Pumpkins
Smith and Jones
Smol Noiz & Don Nadie
Smooth and the Bully Boys Rockabilly band from Belgium
Smooth Man Automatic
Smurf & Perry
Snacky Chan
Snooky Young
Snoop Dogg
Socks and Shoes
SOiL USA hard rock band
Soil Czech psychedelic soul/jazz band
Soil & Eclipse
Soiled Doves
Soiled Mattress and the Springs
Soilent Green
Soilent Grün
Soili Perkiö & Hannele Huovi
Soil Sing Through Me
Soils of Fate
Soledad Brothers USA rock band
Solo Monkey
So Long Superman
Solution .45
Son de Nadie
Songs for Moms
Songs for Ulan
Songs From a Tomb
Songs in The Key
Songs of Lemuria
Songs of Soil
Songs of the Saved
Songs of Water
Songs: Ohia
Songs to Drink and Drive By
Sonic Youth
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Sons and Daughters
Sons and Daughters of Lite
Sons & Lovers
Sons of Cyrus
Sons of Maxwell
Sons of Pride
Sons of the Never Wrong
Soozie Tyrell
Sophie Choudry singer, actress, model
Sorry and the Sinatras
Soul Brothers South Africa
Soul Edge tech house group
Soul Fighters
Soul Oasis
Soul Train Production/Remixing
Sound Directions
Sounds of Blackness
Sounds of Life UK jungle/drum n bass duo
Sounds of Pain
Southern Pacific
Soweto String Quartet


Space Heroes of the People
Space Pilots
Spencer Gray
Split Lip Rayfield
Sprung Monkey
S Punk 7
Squalor Jimmy & the G-Tones
Sr. Nadie Jaime García Soriano
SSAB Songs Brain Degraw and Harmony Korine
Stacy Jones Band
St. Albans Kids
St. Anthony Falls
Starflyer 59
Star Pilots
Starship 727
Starship Amazing
Starship & Palmtrees
Starski & Clutch
Stars on 54
Start a Fire German hardcore / punk band
State Radio
Static Movement
Staying For The Weekend
Stealing Love Jones South African band
Steel Attack
Steel Train
Stefanie Bieber
Stekke, Leon
Stephanie McIntosh
Stephen Orton Cello
Stereo Punks
Stereo:Type UK breakbeat
Steve Goulding
Steve Head
Steve Keys
Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy
Steve Mason guitarist of UK band Gene
Steve Mason UK techno DJ/producer
Steve Mason Photographer
Steve Mason ex-Beta Band / King Biscuit Time / Black Affair
Steve Mason US keyboardist for 9th Creation
Steve Mason Experience Movement
Steve McKeever
Steven Beck
Steven Jackson & The Leavers
Steven Young UK musician, member of Colourbox & MARRS
Steve Pride and His Blood Kin
Steve Rowland & The Family Dogg
Steve Russell
Steve Thorne
Steve Tyrell
Steve Waring & Roger Mason
Steve Young US country singer/songwriter "Seven Bridges Road"
Steve Youth
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
Stew Jackson
Stick to Your Guns
Stinky Punk Bitches
St. Maarten's The Rolling Tones
Stock 7
Stockholm Monsters
Stone Temple Pilots
Straight Edge Kegger
Strange Roux
Stray Dogg
Strikniën D.C.
Strings of Harmony
Stu Young
Subfocus ambient artist Make Louhio, track "Fountains Across"
Sub Focus UK drum & bass artist Nick Douwma
Sub Focus & Danny Wheeler
Subhuman Prodigy of Wickedness
Suburban Legends
Subway Thugs
Sudden Fun
Sue Babel
Sugar Ray
Sunnyside Pavilion
Sunshine Blind
Super Heroes Super Hits
Superman Is Dead
Superman Revenge Squad
Superman's Girlfriend
Superman Stereo
Supernova Jazz
Supernova Argentinean Band
Supernova Spanish Pop Group
Supernova Danish avantgarde pop
Supernova Estonian band
Supernova Portugese Electronic/Rock Band
Supernova Esperanto
Supernova Italian Electronic Act (perf. Save a Prayer)
Supernova Swiss Band
Supernova Austrian (from Vienna) Rock Band
Supernova UK Happy Hardcore
Supernova Chilean pop group
Supernova Punk Band
Supernova String Quartet
Supernova Syndicate
Surf Punks
Susan Drake
Susannah Mars
Susan Tyrell
Sutherland Brothers
Svante Drake
Swamp Rats
Sweet Madonna
Swift heavy metal group
Swift '98 club duo, single "Feel Good"
Swift Years
Swimming the Nile
Sylvia Mason-James
Symphony of Pain
System 7




Tag Team
Taio Cruz
Taistelulaulajat 70
Taj Jackson
Take That
Talbot Tagora
Tales of Pain
Talking Heads
Talk Talk
Tall Order
Tangerine Dream
Tangle Edge
Tania León
Tanka Ray
Tan Yu Quan
Tar Chicago post-hardcore band
Tarika Sammy
Tashina Daniels
Tattoo of Pain
Tavares US R&B, funk and soul music
Tav Falco's Panther Burns
Taxiride Australian rock band
Taylor & Close
Taylor & Dad Live take of Papa don't preach by Madonna
Taylor Locke & The Roughs
Taylor's Dixie Orchestra
Taylor Square
Taylor Swift
Team Pitbull collective associated with US rapper Pitbull
Tear da Club Up Thugs
Ted Beck
Tédio Boys
Teenage Cool Kids
Tegan and Sara
Tegan Ceschi-Smith
Tegan Chambers
Tegan Quin
Teisco Del Rey
Tell-Tale Hearts Garage rock band from San Diego, California
Tenei Kesha
Tennent & Morrison
Terrence Howard
Terrestrial Tones
Terry Daly & The Nu-Tones
Terry Day of Models
Terry Gilkyson & the Easy Riders
Terry McBride & The Ride
Tessa & The Typecast
Test Dept. and South Wales Striking Miners Choir
Testube Babies / Casper
Tex Rubinowitz German illustrator, cartoonist and author Dirk Wesenberg
Tex Rubinowitz
Tex Rubinowitz & Gerhard Potuznik
Thad Jones/Pepper Adams Quintet
Tha Dogg Pound
The 57th Dynasty
The 5 Jones Boys
The 5 Royales
The Allen Brothers
The Alligator Brothers & The All Stars
The All Seeing I
The Amazing Pilots
The Andrews Sisters
The Apple Sisters
The Arrogant Worms
The Art Museums
The Attack Psychedelic band
The Auld Town Pipe Band
The Automatic
the Automatics Japanese band
The Automatics Portland, Oregon, USA 1990s pop-punk band
The Azaleas
The Balfa Brothers
The Band of His Majesty the King's Guard - Norway
The Band Perry
The Barry Gray Orchestra
The Barry Sisters
The Basement Tracks Brazilian psychedelic rock band
The Beach Boys
The Beast Wrestling Foundation
The Beat Direction
The Beatles
The Beatles Revival Czech 'The Beatles' tribute band
The Beatles Revival Band
The Beeston Pipe Band
The Bellamy Brothers
The Better Beatles
The Better to See You With
The Big Heavy
The Bill Doggett Trio
The Birds Are Spies, They Report to the Trees
The Birthday Party
The Bitter Roots
The Black Swedish black metal band
The Black Beatles
The Black Eyed Peas
The Black Heart Procession
The Black Keys
The Black Madonna house/disco artist Marea Stamper
The Black Madonnas
The Blacks
The Blind Boys of Alabama
The Blood UK punk band
The Blood of Heroes
The Blossoms Female vocal group
The Blue Nile
The Blues Brothers Band
The Blues Brothers Horns blues
The Blues Brothers Revival Band German band
The Bo-Keys
The Bomb Party
The Boogie Monsters
The Boomtown Rats
The Boss-Tones 50/60th R&B vocal group
The Boyoyo Boys
The Boys 80s/90s USA RnB/motown
The Boys Finnish rock group (Eero &, Jussi &, Eero ja Jussi & The Boys)
The Boys Next Door
The Branford Marsalis Quartet
The Brat Attack Canadian punk band
The Breath of Life
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Brian Lynch / Eddie Palmieri Project
The Brilliant Trees
The Brothers unidentified artist, released Funky Paella
The Brothers 80s hip hop on B-Boy Records
The Brothers 70s reggae, had a hit with Sing Me
The Brothers 60s USA band on White Whale records
The Brothers 70s disco
The Brothers NL
The Brothers Band from Freiburg, Germany, Buchholz / Klauer
The Brothers The Strawbs early 1970s without Dave Cousins
The Brothers Creeggan
The Browns 50's-60's country/folk vocal trio
The Bugs Henderson Group
The Bullitts
The Burns Sisters
The Cadbury Sisters Active from 2009 - present day
The Cash Brothers
The Cecil Taylor Unit
The Chambers Brothers
The Chamber Strings
The Changin' Times
The Charlatans 1960's San Francisco psychedelic band
The Charlatans 90's British Indie
The Charlatans Boston band
The Charles Lloyd Quartet
The Charlie Daniels Band
The Chell-Mars
The Chemical Brothers
The Cherry Blossoms
The Chicago Typewriters
The Church Keys
The Circuit Riders North Carolina bluegrass band
The Clancy Brothers
The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
The Clancy Brothers, David Hammond and Families
The Clare Fischer Big Band
The Claremonts
The Clarence Mack Express
The Clarendonians
The Clare Voyants
The Class War Kids
The Clutch
The Coffee Boys
The Cold Rush
The Colt .45s
The Commodores 50s US rockabilly group
The Computers Exeter, UK, based band
The Countdown Kids
The Coventry Automatics
The Cow Bay Cruz Boys
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
The Crime Fighters Inc.
The Cross Movement
The Cruel Sea
The Cruelty Party
The C-Types
The Dagar Brothers
The Dalton Boys
The Damn Tracks
The Dandridge Sisters US singers, Dorothy & Vivian Dandridge & Etta Jones
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
The Dave And Deke Combo
The Dave Lambert Singers
The David Wax Museum Fusion of traditional Mexican and American folk music
The Dead Next Door
The Death of Gagarin Alternative rock band
The Death Riders
The Deer Tracks
The Delta Rhythm Boys vocal harmony group
The Derringers US ska band
The DiGiallonardo Sisters
The Direction
The Direction of Clouds
The Directions UK mod band
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
The Doggett Brothers
The Don Harrison Band
The Doobie Brothers
The Dorian Grays
The Doug Anthony Allstars
The Dragons punk band from China
The Dragons US punk rock group
The Dual Dragons
The Dub Funk Association
The Ducky Boys Punk band from Charlestown, MA ,USA
The Dufay Collective
The Duo-Tones
The Dust Brothers production duo John King & Mike Simpson
the ebertbrothers
The Edge 60s Psychedelic band
The Electric Flag
The Electric Shoes
The Elvis Diet
the end of genesis T.M.R.evolution turbo type D
The End of the Century Party
The 'E' Types mid-60s California garage rock band
The E-Types! 90s Sacramento garage rock/psychedelic band
The Everly Brothers
The Everly Pregnant Brothers
The Exploited
The Family Mahone
The Farmer's Boys
The Fat Ladies
The Fat Lady Sings
The Fence Collective
The Fighters
The Fire and Reason
The Fire This Time
The Five Du-Tones
The Five Keys Rudy West 50s-80s vocal rhythm and blues formation
The Fleetwoods
The Florida A&M University Concert Choir
The Florida Boys
The Flying Black Hats
The Flying Burrito Brothers
The Focus Group
The Forester Sisters
The Four Keys Furness brothers vocal jazz 40s formation
The Four Tracks
The Free Association
The Free Design
The Freedom Fighters
The Free Pop Electronic Concept
The Free Radicals Australian techno trio Andy Page, Ivan Gough & Phil K
The Freeze USA punk band
The Fresh & Onlys
The Funk Fusion Band
The Funky Lowlives
The Futureheads
The Future Roots
The Future Sound of London
The Gabriel Lynch Band
The Galactic Heroes
The Gay Sisters
The Gene Harris All Star Big Band
The Gene Harris Quartet
The Gene Harris Trio
The Gene Harris Trio Plus One
The Gentlemen Songsters
The Get Up Kids
The Ghost That Walks
The Girls From the Clouds
The Golden Republic
The Good Life
The Goops
The Grand Wizzards
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
The Grass Roots
The Gray Field Recordings
The Grays
The Hackensaw Boys
The Hall Brothers
The Hampton String Quartet
The Harmony Brothers
The Harmony Four
The Harmony Sisters US bluegrass/old-timey group
The Harris Sisters
The Har You Percussion Group
The Hat Shoes
The Havlicek Brothers and the Rolling Company
The Head
The Heart Attacks
The Heath Brothers
The Heavy
The Heavy Blinkers
The Heavy Circles
The Heavy Co.
The Heavy Crown
The Heavy Dwarfs
The Heavy Eights
The Heavy Experience
The Heavy Eyes
The Heavy Friends
The Heavy Guilt
The Heavy Pets
The Heavy's
The Heavytrackerz UK Grime Production Trio
The Henderson
The Heroes 1960s/1970s South African Band
The High Keys
The Hollyridge Strings
The Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada
The Hot Rats
The Howard Morrison Quartet
The Humble Brothers
The Hunting Party The Hunting Party
The Ilford Songsters
The Impatient Sisters
The Incredible String Band
The International Staff Songsters of The Salvation Army
The Invisible Cities
The Irish House Party
The Jack Nicholson Party
The Jackson 5
The Jackson Code
The Jack Swift Band
The James Moody and Hank Jones Quartet
The James Taylor Quartet
The Jane Waynes
The Jealous Type
The Jenny Phillips Choir
The Jerky Boys
The Jessica Fletchers
The Jesus and Mary Chain
The Jimmy Swift Band
The Joe Henderson Quintet
The John Doe Thing
The John Morris Orchestra
The Johnny Harris Orchestra
The Johnson Mountain Boys
The Jolly Boys
The Jon Lloyd Quartet
The Joy of Painting
The Justin Walshe Folk Machine
The Kamikaze Sex Pilots
The Kampus Kids
The Kelly Family
The Kelly Project
The Kelly Richey Band
The Keys folk'n'roll band installed in Montréal
The Keys Cardiff-based band, formerly known as Murry The Hump
The Keys Leicester band
The Keys to the Sub
The Kids Norwegian Pop/Rock Band
The King Hats
The Lab Rats Indie hip hop group
The Ladies
The Legendary Bang
The Legendary Blues Band
The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group
The Legendary K.O.
The Legendary Pink Dots
The Legends Swedish pop band
The Lemon Pipers
The Lemon Trees
The Like Young
The Lilac Time
The Lil' Fighters
The Little Heroes
The Little Monsters Family
The Lloyd McNeill Quartet
The London Punkharmonic Orchestra
The Lost Brothers trance
The Louis Hayes Group
The Louvin Brothers
The Lumineers
The Lynch's
The Maccabees Brighton, UK
The MacKenzie vs. Kelly
The Mahones
The Mahoneys
The Man From the Moon
The Mar-Keys
The Marshall Tucker Band
The Marx Brothers
The Mashup Kids
The Mason-Dixon Orchestra
The Matt Kendrick Unit
The McKinney Sisters
The Mel-O-Tones
The Mick Fleetwood Band
The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band
The Midnight Heavy
The Mighty Roars
The Migil 5
The Mile End Ladies String Auxiliary
The Minstrel Muse Tom Swinnen and Sara Swinnen
The Minus 5
The Mirror Boys
The Monsters
The Monty Casper Project
The Moog Beatles
The More I See
The Morrisons We are not a Doors tribute band and we are based in Torquay
The Morrison Steam Fayre
The Morrison Twin Brothers String Band
The Most Serene Republic
The Move British psychedelic rock
The Movement Techno group, Richard Visson & AJ Mora
The Moy Sisters
Them, Roaringtwenties Not the same band as The Roaring Twenties
The Muses
The Musicians of the Nile
The Nails
The Neighborhood
The Neighborhoods
The Neighbourhood seven piece band led by Tim Hutton
The Neighbourhood Californian band
The Neville Brothers
The New 76rs
The New Cities
The New Order Ron Asheton
The New World Order
The New Zealand National Youth Choir
The North Wales Singers
The Number Twelve Looks Like You
The Nutty Boys
The Oak Ridge Boys
The Ocean Party
The Offspring
The Only
The Only Children
The Only Ones
The Operating Tracks
The Oregon Donor
The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers
The Other World Collective
The Otis Rush Blues Band
The Outdoor Types
The Pacers US ska band
The Pacific Ocean
The Paley Brothers
The Palmer Sisters active 1930
The Pandoras All-female garage rock band from Los Angeles, California
The Panic Channel
The Panic Division
The Panic Parade
The Panics USA punk band from Florida
The Panics Australian band
The Panics USA punk band from Indiana
The Parchman Prison Band
The Parka Kings
The Parkinsons
The Party
The Party Boys Australian rock group
The Partyjocks A Dutch band comprising of two DJs
The Party of Helicopters
The Partysquad
The Pazant Brothers & The Beaufort Express
The Peaking Goddess Collective
The Peasall Sisters
The Peasants USA folk band
The Peasants Northern Ireland band
The Peasants USA rock band
The Peoples Republic of Europe
The Peppers famous for Pepper Box (1973)
The Perri Sisters
The Perry County Music Makers
The Phantom Keys
The Phillips Bros
The Phillips Brothers
The Phillips' Specials
The Pied Pipers American vocal group, active 1930s-50s
The Pink Chimneys Beijing
The Pink Diamonds
The Pinker Tones
The Pinkerton Thugs
The Pink Mice
The Pinkos
The Pink Robots norwegian pop band
The Pink Room
The Pink Skulls
The Pipetones
The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower
The Pointer Sisters
The Police
The Pontiac Brothers
The Praise Band
The Pride of Bedlam
The Pride Of Texas Five piece rock group from Texas
The Pride of Wolves
The Prime Movers 80s Sierra Madre, CA post punk band
The Process UK hardcore punk band
The Proclaimers
The Procussions
The Prodigals
The Prodigal Sons
The Prodigy UK electronic group, main member Liam Howlett
The Producer
The Producers 80s Atlanta new wave band
The Prof hip hop producer
The Profit$
The Project pre-Velvet Revolver band
The Projek
The Proles Australian punk band
The Proletariat
The Promise
The Proov
The Prophecy²³
The Prophet Dutch Hardcore DJ, real name: Dov Elkabas
The Prophet eurobeat artist, real name: Fausto Guio
The Prophet Dalisto Sajiwandani
The Prophets with Billy Scott, aka Georgia Prophets
The Protagonist
The Provenance
The Quality Kids
The Question mod band
The Questions 60s UK mod band
The Quests Michigan garage rock group active in the mid-60s
The Quests Singapore 60s band
The Quin-Tones US doo wop group founded in 1957
The Rat Pack Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.
The Rats French punk band
The Rats 60s UK band
The Rats early 80s US garage rock band
The Raw Dogg Bonejackers
The Ray Anthony Show
The Ray Brown Trio
The Real Nelly Olson
The Redlight District
The Red Sky Pilots
The Release Party
The Republic House duo Brian Tharme & DJ Face
The Republic of Desire
The Republic of Wolves
The Republic Tigers
The Riders
The Roaries
The Roaring Lion Hubert Raphael Charles, calypso singer
The Roaring Twenties
The Robert Fripp String Quintet
The Rob McConnell Jive 5
The Rock
The Rock A-Fellas early 60th group
The Rock-A-Teens Late 50's Woo-Hoo Hit
The Rock*A*Teens
The Rock-A-Tones
The Rolling Blackouts
The Rolling Creekdippers
The Rolling Scabs
The Rolling Stones
The Roots 60s Dallas/Forth Worth garage rock band
The Roots seminal hip hop group
The Rootsman
The Roots of Madness
The Roots of Orchis
The Roots Union
The Rosso Sisters
The Rubinoos
The Rush Dutch techno duo
The Rushmores
The Sabri Brothers
The Samuel Jackson Five
The Savage Young Beatles
The Savage Young Beatles
The Script
The Section Quartet
These Monsters
The Seven Lost Cities Of Gold
The Sewer Rats
The Shelton Brothers
The Shimmer Kids Underpop Association
The Shins
The Shoes Dutch band
The Shoes French electronic duo
The Silent Type Six-piece indie/folk/orchestral rock band from Richmond, VA
The Sinatra Family
The Sinatras UK pop band
The Sisters group from Sister Act
The Sisters Prague, Czech Republic
The Sisters of Mercy
The Sisters of Morrissey
The Skate Party
The Skulls Canadian punk band
The Skulls Italian punk band
The Skulls USA punk band
The Slack Republic
The Sleepy Jackson
The Slickee Boys
The Soca Boys
The Soft Boys
The Soggy Bottom Boys
The Soil Bleeds Black
The Soilers
The Soil & The Sun
The Songstress
The Soulful Strings
The Sound of Growing Up
The Soup Dragons
The Southern Sons 40s/50s US vocal gospel group
The Space Brothers
The Spencer Clarkson Orchestra
The Stanley Brothers
The Stereo Shoestring 1960s Texas Garage Band
The Sterling Sisters Dark Americana band
The Strange Boys
The Strike Boys
The String-A-Longs
The String Cheese Incident
The Stump Wizards
The Sundance Kids Adelaide melodic pop-rock quintet
The Superman Revenge Squad Band
The Supermen Lovers
The Sweet Inspirations
The Swift
The Swing Shoes
The Sydney Salvos Staff Songsters
The Tannahill Weavers
The Tape-beatles
The Tea Party
The Three Keys Furness brothers vocal jazz 30s formation
The Three Peppers
The Three Peters Sisters US harmony vocalists, aka. The Peters Sisters
The Three Tones reggae group
The Tiger Lillies
The Tiki Tones
The Times alt rock project of Edward Ball
The Time & Space Machine
The Tom Fun Orchestra
The Tony Williams Lifetime
The Top Notes
The True Party
The Tubby Hayes Quintet
The Tunnel Rats
The T.V. Crime Fighters
The Twinkle Brothers
The Umbrellas of Ladywell
The Undead fictional artists, Phantom of the Paradise, 1974
The Undead USA punk band from New Jersey, vocalist Bobby Steele
The Undead USA punk band from San Francisco
The Vandermark 5
The Verve Pipe
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
The Waco Brothers
The Warren Brothers
The Weekenders
The White Belly Rats backing band from Lee "Scratch" Perry
The Whitest Kids U' Know
The Wolf Tracks
The Wood for the Trees
The Wynona Riders
The Wynton Kelly Trio
The Yankee Dollar
The Yankees
They Came From The Stars and The London Toy Orchestra
They Came From the Stars, I Saw Them
They Leapt from Burning Windows
The Yorkshire Rats
The Young Republic
Third Bullet
Third Eye Blind
This Beautiful Republic
This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb
This Train
Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers
Thomas Howard US producer/songwriter
Thomas Kendricks
Thomas Mars
Thomas Morris and His Seven Hot Babies
Thornetta Davis
Thorney Girls
Those Obnoxious Types
Thought Police UK mod/powerpop band from Portsmouth
Thought Police
Thrashington D.C.
Three Nails Short
Three Red Peppers
Three Tobacco Tags
Threshold of Pain
Through The Roots
Throwing Muses
Thug Australian band
Thug US grindecore band
T.H.U.G Australian skinhead, hard rock band
T.H.U.G. Angelz
Thug Committee
Thug Law
Thug Life early 90s US hip-hop group
Thug Life
Thug Lordz
Thug Murder
Thugs on My Payroll
Thug Team
Thurston Harris & The Darts
Tic Tac Toe
Tierra Latin R&B group from L.A.
Tiger Army
Tight Bro's From Way Back When
Till Sahm
Tilt Electro/trance from Coventry, UK (Parks&Wilson)
Tim Kentucky noise rock band
Timbaland & Magoo
Tim Berne's Bloodcount
Timber Timbre
Timbuk 3
Timeless Legend
Time Traveller
Tim Lekan Trio
Tim Mahoney 311 member
Timothy R. Kelly
Tim Russell
Tim Tim
Tim West
Tim Whitehead's Borderline
Tina and The B-Side Movement
Tina Sinatra
Tina Tyrell
Tinie Tempah
Tiny Phillips We're Tiny Phillips, Manchester based indie band.
Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim & His Tornadoes
Tiny Tim & The Hits
Tipica Fausto Dolorier
Tip Top
Titanics US band from Boston
Title Tracks
Tito Puente and His Latin Ensemble
Tity Boi
T. Nile
TNT Jackson
Toby Jepson
Toby Keith
Toby McKeehan
Todd Youth
Toe Tag Estonian hip hop
Toe Tag US punk
Toilet Boys
Tokyo Beatles Japanese
Tokyo Dragons
TOKYO YANKEES Japanese band
Tomas Pavilionis tenor
Tom Beck German Actor and Singer
Tom Carey & Kathy Zucker
Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
Tom Day
Tom Head
Tom Holland & the Shuffle Kings Blues Band
Tom Howard
Tommee and the Neighbourhood
Tommie Young
Tom Morrison & John Reynolds
Tommy Jackson Bluegrass fiddler
Tommy Keith
Tommy Mars
Tommy Scott's Pipes & Banjo Band
Tommy West
Tom Orton
Tom Rock
Tones Energy
Tones on Tail
Tonic Train
Tonight Only Hussle Recordings
Tonite Only
Tony Daniels
Tony & Paco
Tony Rivers & Anthony Thompson
T.O.P Korean rapper
Top Choice Clique
Top Drawer
Topp Dogg South Korean group
Top Priority
Top Ranking Eric Darwin Finnish dub/reggae artist Erik Ahonen
Traa Daniels
Track 45
Tracks USA punk band
Trailer Park Casanovas
Train US pop rock band
Train 70s German fusion/prog act
Train Fares
Transistor Radio
Trashcan Sinatras
Travis Cottrell and Angela Cruz
Travis Morrison Hellfighters
Treadmill Trackstar
Trees 1970's British Folk Rock Band
Trees New Wave One Man Band from San Diego, California
Trees Dance
Trees Like These
Trees on Fire
Trever Keith
Trey Songz
Trickster Patrick van Kerckhoven & Peter R. Sturm
Trickster G.
Trio Grande Germany
Tristan and a Green Nun
Trummy Young
TRU Praise
Tube Top
Tu Funka Madre
Tunnel Allstars
Tupac Amaru Shakur
Turtle Island String Quartet
twenty one pilots
Twin Cities Brazilian band
Twin Cities Hot Club
Twin Sister Indie lo-fi group from Long Island, NY
Twisted Sister
Two Boys
Two Door Cinema Club
Two Men Will Move You
Two Skulls Active in the UK since 2013
Tygers of Pan Tang
Tyler Keith
Tymon Dogg & The Quikening
Type Italian Progressive Rock Group
Typecast Filipino rock band
Type O Negative
Type Two Error
Tyrell Corp.
Tyrell Dixon
Tyrrell Joel LeBlanc




Wade Mainer and The Sons of the Mountaineers
Walewska & Olko
Wallace Band
Wallace Chains
Wallace Collection brass ensemble led by John Wallace (not Belgian group)
Wallace Collection Belgian rock group
Wallace Vanborn
Walsh Family
Walsh St. Cop Killers
Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings
Walter James Morrison Gervers
Wanda Day
Wanda Jackson
Wanda West
Wan Kei-You
Wardell Gray Quartet
Warp Brothers
Warren Mars
Wasted Youth American punk/metal band
Waves of Inspiration
Wayne Rock band from Birmingham, AL fronted by Rodney Reaves
Wayne Alden Band
Wayne and Garth
Wayne County and the Back Street Boys
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs
Wayne Gorbea's Salsa Picante
Wayne Gorbea y su Conjunto Salsa
Wayne Horvitz & Zony Mash
Wayne Johnson Trio
Wayne Mills Band
Wayne Shorter Quartet
Wayne Shrapnel and the Oistars
Wayne Toups & The Crowley Aces
W.E. Barnes
Weekend dance/disco polo group
Weekend UK 80s mod band
Weekend San Francisco noise rock band
Weekend alias of Jive Rhythm Trax
Weekend at Waikiki
Weekender Philadelphia 2013 band
weekender NYC band that released one album.
Weekend FM
Weekend Guitar Trio
Weekend Heroes
Weekend Millionaires
Weekend Money
Weekend Nachos United States powerviolence / doom / sludge
Weekend Wonderz
Welcome To Florida
Wendy Morrison & Co.
Westbound Train
Wet Jammies Attack
We Wear Our Hats Backwards
We Will Be Pilots
What Fun!
Where I'm Calling From
Whips / Chains
White Door
White Flag
White Shoes Dutch Band, later The Shoes
White Shoes & The Couples Company
White Wizzard
Widespread Panic Southern rock band from Athens, Georgia.
Wildlife Collective
Wild Pumpkins at Midnight
Will Head
Willie Henderson and the Soul Explosions
Willie Nile
Will Peppers
Willson & McKee
Willy Mason
Wilson Phillips
Wind of Pain
Winnies Sister
Winston McIntosh
Winter Wallace the group
Wire Train
Wisdom in Chains
Witch Hats
Wizard German power metal
Wizard The Pyschedelic Group
Wizard Lizard Psychedelic trance project
Wizard Sleeve
Wizard Smoke
Wizards of Ooze
Wizwars and Mercatfat
Wizzard British Group w/ Roy Wood
Wizzy Noise Psychedelic trance project
Wolfe Tones
World of Pain hardcore
World on Edge
Wrestling With Angels
Wrong Side of The Tracks
Wyatt Rice & Santa Cruz



Yankee late 80s French pop duo renamed to Début de Soirée
Yankee Brutal
Yankee Clippers
Yankee Cockfight
Yankee Grey
Yankee Ingenuity
Yankee Rose
Yannick Chouillet
Yavuz Top
Yo Lady
Yonder Mountain String Band
You 70s/80s German electronics formation, You (4) at Discogs
YOU Japanese solo artist and ex-Fairchild vocalist
YOU japanese singer/actress Yukiko Ebara
you Japanese guitarist
You and I
You Came to the Wrong Show punk rock/garage
Young Buck
Young Charlatans
Young Disciples
Young Gunz US rap duo
Young Heart Attack
Young Identities
Young Jessie
Young Pilots




Z pseudonym of Mort Garson
Z Naoki Maeda
Z Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa
Z Spanish hip-hop (member of 032)
Zachary Richard
Zebra Tracks
Ze Malibu Kids
Zero 7
Zero Times Infinity
Z Factor David Russell Lee
Z-Factor 80s US techno producer Vince Lawrence
Zhenya Rock
Z. Hooper
Zion Train
Z Kronberger
Zodiac Youth
Zoë Avril
Zoltan and His Gypsy Ensemble
Zouk Time
Zuri Akoko
Züri West
ZZ Top




後藤博 recording engineer

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