One of the common questions parents ask is what child specific music can they play to their children. A few answers to this which can be found after searching the Internet are a combination of Disney, TV shows or religious music suggested by parents as these type of albums contain no inappropriate language.

Lyricwise was started by parents who are passionate about the music they listen to and wanted their child to enjoy their music and enjoy music together as a family. This immediately gives a child access to a wide range of musical styles and genres, but not all of this is suitable for a child to hear.

This sites allows parents (and other visitors such as shop owners) who are concerned about the lyrics contained in a song to check their content and make a well informed decision quickly on weather to play a track or not. We use a black list of containing swear words to check the lyrics and soon plan to allow visitors to customise this list. This enabled parents to allow their children to listen to all genres of music with peace of mind that they are not listening to and learning profanity in the process.

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